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Skateboard Park Gets Commemorative Sculpture
The Skatepark * in Downtown Billings, already a hopping, eye-catching landmark at one of the main entrances to downtown, grew even more noticeable with the unveiling of "Head Over Heels," a 12-foot sculpture of a skateboarder. "I think it says something for Billings that we showcase it", said Greg Krueger of the Downtown Billings Partnership. (Full Article) Search *
    (Categorized under 2004 Archive)

Adrenaline X to debut on NBC
On the heels of Fear Factor and other popular reality shows comes NBC's "Adrenaline X", "which pits well-known extreme athletes against one another in a series of challenges". (Full Article) Search *
    (Categorized under 2002 Archive)

Events in UK and Germany, July 5th-14th
Information about the Grand Prix of Skateboarding *, the Bude Downhill * Classic, and the Bristo Square Jam in the UK *, and about the Hot Heels Downhill Camp & Longboard * Races in Germany *. (Full Article) Search *
    (Categorized under 2002 Archive)

Tic Tac 2 Heelflip
"Australia *'s Skateboard History." movie info and photo gallery. Search * Related
    (Categorized under Museums/History, Skateboarding > Videos)

Skateboarding Explained
Teaches fundamentals and tricks including the ollie, nollie, pop shove-it, kickflips, heelflips and variations, and more. From Lake Owen instructor and Mentality pro Dan MacFarlane. Nate Sherwood * says, "This is the pinnacle of what a how-to video should be." Search * Related
    (Categorized under Instructional Videos)

Harold Hunter in the New York Times
Harold Hunter *, whose skateboarding prowess and outsize personality led him to modeling, movie roles, celebrity friendships and prominence in the downtown Manhattan scene, was found dead on Feb. 17 in the East Village housing project where he grew up. (extract: ...a skateboard hop, to high-flying backside heel flips. From benches to stoops to staircases...) (Full Article) Search *
    (Categorized under 2006 Archive, Harold Hunter)

Power Footwear's "Great Dayne" Skateboard Shoe
"This shoe was built with my full design and performance input, and I am stoked * with the results," says designer Dayne Brummet *. (extract: ...Brummet". The "Brummet" features a new cushioned heel insert designed by Power to dampen hard...Dayne" outsole graphic cards inserted into the heel area and visible on the bottom of...) (Full Article) Search *
    (Categorized under 2004 Archive)

Think Team News from Greg Carroll
Team and company news update from the Think Team. (Full Article) Search *
    (Categorized under Skateboard Company News)

Syndrome Distribution Monthly Update
Syndrome Distribution *'s Monthly Pro, Am and Company Info Update. (Full Article) Search *
    (Categorized under 2002 Archive)

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North Carolina * Tar Heels football jerseys, North Carolina Tar Heels football apparel and North Carolina Tar Heels football merchandise. Home About NFL Jerseys College ... Jerseys Return to Groove North Carolina Tar Heels Football Jerseys. North Carolina Tar Heels football jerseys, North Carolina Tar Heels ... ncaanorthcarolinatarheelsfootballje rsey.php
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Mesh Collection Meshes are available here for download. When posting your sk...
... and Shorts 1 2 3 4 5 Heels, Platforms and Blocks 1 2 3 4 ... 1 2 3 Customized Bodies 1 2 Heels, Platforms and Blocks: Page 4 B001fafit_heels B002fafit_heels B003fafit_heels B001 Short and cropped top with ... page4/meshes.shtml

LESSON PLANS FOR TYPICAL SNOWBOARD MANEUVERS (Progressions) BY Chuck Roberts BASIC SKIDDED TURN Static 1. Look in direction of turn 2. Lean and look 3. Push ... progressions.htm

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