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Results of search for 'fly box' on

Burton Street Course
"This park has a 6 foot mini ramp, 4 foot fly box with half pyramid, two 6 ft quarters, a 4 ft quarter, a 14 foot wall ride, a wall gap and a grind box." 10500 South West 228th Street, Vashon, Washington, 98070. (206) 463-9999 Search
    (Categorized under Washington)

"3-sided pyramid with rails, fly box, fun box, kicker ramp, bench, 4-sided pyramid." Right near Legion Field, Bridgewater, Massachusetts, 02324. Search
    (Categorized under Skateparks > In USA > Massachusetts)

Bainbridge Skatepark
"4 foot mini ramp, 2 2 foot spines, 4 foot wedge, 3 1/2 foot wedge, 4 foot fly box, 6 foot quarter pipe, 8 foot quarter pipe, 8 foot half pipe." 4 Lewis Street, Bainbridge, New York, 13733. (607) 967-241 Search
    (Categorized under Skateparks > In USA > New York)

Ramp and Rail
Skateboard ramps, grind rails, fly boxes, half pipes and quarter pipes. From Memphis, Tennessee. Search Related
    (Categorized under Ramps)

Board Stiff Skatepark
"This 10,000 square foot indoor park has a street course with pyramids, bowls, fly boxes, hand rails, ledges, banks, quarterpipes, mini ramps, vert walls, and more." 549 Andrew Street, Houma, Louisiana, 70360. (504) 853-1114 Search
    (Categorized under Louisiana)

Skateboard Pro Tony Hawk Visits Sierra Leone hot!
In war-ravaged Sierra Leone, children didn't know about skateboards or Tony Hawk. But when Hawk visited the country recently on a goodwill mission, he was welcomed with smiles and made an instant connection. (extract: ...down, making a ball atop the parachute fly through the air, Hawk stood next to...) (Full Article) Search
    (Categorized under 2004 Archive, Tony Hawk)

Skateboard investment for fun and profit
A senior writer and trading strategist in options investing considers the Skateboard industry. (extract: OUTSIDE THE BOX: Skateboarding? For Profit? By Shelley Souza, 9/3/2002 9...) (Full Article) Search
    (Categorized under 2002 Archive)

Skateparks Increasingly Accepted By Communities
"Snohomish County is riding the latest national trend in civic recreation, with five city-built skate parks opening since 1998, a sixth to open next month and six more in the discussion or planning stages. ... Now entire communities are coming together to raise money for skateboard parks, to give kids a place to practice their moves without breaking local no-skating laws or damaging public and private property. 'The kids just need somewhere to go.'" (Full Article) Search
    (Categorized under 2002 Archive)

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