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Skateboard Continues To Gain Popularity
The pastime has surpassed baseball among boys and has an increasing adult following. "There are more and more kids every single day getting involved, and the stereotypes are really being lifted," said Alan Holloway, program coordinator for Searcy Parks and Recreation. (Full Article) Search
    (Categorized under 2004 Archive)

Skateboard Growth Continuing In UK
About the continued popularity and public funding of skateparks in the England/the UK. (Full Article) Search
    (Categorized under Skatepark News)

Skate parks growing in popularity
This article talks about the six publicly-funded skateparks currently in the Arizona Valley and mentions five more that are in the works. Anyone planning a public skatepark should read this article. (Full Article) Search
    (Categorized under Skatepark News)

Skateboard Shop Owner Recognizes Power Of Community
The atmosphere of the Pleasant Hill's Metro Skate Shop aims to be welcoming to kids of all ages, and that's just the way Joel Jutagir has always wanted it. (Full Article) Search
    (Categorized under 2005 Archive)

Network Marketers Target Skateboarders, Surfers
"With corporate giants like AOL Time Warner, Nike and Sony, as well as youth-oriented retailers like Abercrombie & Fitch and Old Navy looking for ways to tap into the formidable spending power of American kids, network officials said it was only a matter of time before action sports arrived." (extract: ...of years ago after learning how to skate. Why ditch the nation's most popular...Ask the kids at the Y's skate park if they follow football, basketball or baseball...Their T-shirts bear the logos of skate brands Volcom and Hawk. California-based surfwear...trend as a fashion statement. Surf and skate retailer Pacific Sunwear (Nasdaq: PSUN) of...) (Full Article) Search
    (Categorized under 2002 Archive)

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... downtown, the only place skaters have to skate locally. 2. Aren't skateboarders a bunch ... mainstream activity, it has also grown in popularity-16 million Americans skateboard, and it is ... skateboarders in a city with nowhere to skate. Although a highly individualistic / non-competitive activity ... popular? Skateboarding is one of the fastest growing sports in the U.S. and has ... sporting good sales and participation. 4. Are skate parks loud? Skateparks are not loud. ...

Home Need A Skatepark? Forum Donate! Search FAQs Accreditation SiteMap Plann...
... one of the most popular and fast-growing sports in America. In a 1993 skate park feasibility survey conducted by the city ... participants ages six through 18. The amazing popularity of skateboarding has placed intense pressure on ... skating is allowed, causing many people to skate illegally, which often forces them to trespass ... of both providing skaters a place to skate and keeping local businesses happy, many ... essay.html
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About Ramparts Skate Parks While once practiced by only a few, today skatebo...
About Ramparts Skate Parks While once practiced by only a few, today skateboarding has exploded ... one of the most popular, and fastest growing recreational activities for children, teens, and families ... popular community destinations. Many of our current parks are even producing revenue for their communities ...

You are not logged in | Sign Up or Login News | Events | Parks | Stores | Tr...
... in | Sign Up or Login News | Events | Parks | Stores | Trick tips | Blogs | Skaters | Photos | Videos ... Park Submit a Spot This is a growing list of skateboard parks and skateboard spots all over the world ... starting to get more and more skateboard parks every year and with your help we can keep these skate parks up to date. Please update ...

Skate Central Gatherings Profiles Eye Candy Links BOARDZ.COM Gatherings 1st ...
Skate Central Gatherings Profiles Eye Candy Links BOARDZ.COM Gatherings 1st Skate Contest at the New Truckee Skate Park Rafe Robinson Sam Luebke The 1st ... to be held at the new Truckee Skate Park had a good turn out of ... board and taking home 2 bags of skate goodies as his prizes. Sam has ... truckeeskatecontest.html

Home News Event News Danger Bay 2010 Drop Film Premiere 3 19 2010 Maryhill 2...
... Jump Freeride Sliding Tune Up Photography Videos Skate[Slate] Video Stream Skate[Slate] HD Theater Scorpion Bail Malibu Invitational ... a full road closure. Your's truly, Skate[Slate], helped foot the bill for the ... video. Enjoy!   Menlo Park Slide Jam-Skate[Slate] Photo Gallery   Menlo Park Slide Jam-Skate[Slate] Event Video You need to ... menlo-park-slide-jam-2010

Home | Blog | Image Galleries | Login Search Navigation create content Rando...
... Colorado have some of the best public skate parks in the nation? Submitted by thechraveler on ... Colorado have some of the best public skate parks in the nation? by John Dicker Andrew ... Hook with a trashy ollie at Manitou skate park F aced with the 15, ...

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