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Never Ride
Snowskate and wakeskate company based in Switzerland *. Team info, photos, and more. Search * Related
    (Categorized under Snowskating, Wakeboarding)

Never Been Done DVD Review
A review of the Jon Comer * documentary, which "follows Comer from his childhood brush with mortality" and into his current ride through skateboard stardom. section=reviews&Id=8134 Search * Related
    (Categorized under Never Been Done)

Skateboard Shoes Now Dominant Athletic Footware
Skateboard footwear is gaining popularity even among kids who've never picked up a board. Skate shoes outpaced all other athletic shoes in sales last year, according to one study. Another study found that in 2004 *, skate shoe sales accounted for 28 percent of total retail sales in the category, more than sandal and jeans sales combined. (Full Article) Search *
    (Categorized under DC Shoes, Nike Skateboarding, 2005 Archive)

Tony Alva, Stacy Peralta Interviewed on hot!
Our mondo Dogtown * interview with Stacy Peralta *, Tony Alva *, and a few other East Coasters, touching on subjects including Tommy Guerrero *, Sean Penn *, Gator *, staying pure, Mark Gonzales *, Christian Hosoi *, and pool skating. (extract:, we snowboard, skate, and surf together. Never stopped. T: I brought him a board...been really nice, itís been a good ride for us. ?1: Without the X-Games *...California, the kids are sneaking into to ride the railings and the whole thing like that. Theyíre never going to stop doing this stuff. So...and to keep going and stuff. Iíve never read his book but I know...) (Full Article) Search *
    (Categorized under Dogtown and Z-Boys, Lords of Dogtown, 2002 Archive, Stacy Peralta, Tony Alva)

Tony Alva interview with Heckler Magazine, 1995 hot!
Tony Alva * interviewed by John Baccigaluppi of Heckler *, covering topics as diverse as cars, rock stars, skaters, Tony's style and musical history, more. With photos and videos. As Tony puts it, "Defy authority. Don't let people tell you how to run your life. ... Your Dharma is your purpose in life. You can't stray from that when you find it. Skateboarding is my Dharma, the center of my universe." (extract: ...he grew up and matured. But, he never quit skating. I guess this would Colorado * as his favorite place to ride. As we are driving around LA, Tony...a larger board and that he can ride smoother. While he makes a lot of...guy with no shirt whose name we never caught who repeatedly mangled his wrist and...both stoked *. Stoked that we got to ride so many great spots with one...) (Full Article) Search *
    (Categorized under Tony Alva)

The Skateboard, The City, and Socio-Spatial Censorship hot!
Here Architect Iain Borden * discusses "skateboarding and socio-spatial censorship in the late twentieth century city" in his article "An Affirmation of Urban Life." Says Iain: "Cities are always places of contestation and contradiction, conflict and counter-cultural engagements. ... But of course cities are also places of power, and the contradiction between homogenization and fragmentation of urban space is continuously fought over, as urban managers of all kinds ... seek to dictate the character of social space. The urban practice of skateboarding is one such area which they seek to control." (extract: silent, pursue sex or read philosophy, ride motor-cycles or sun-bathe; the rhythm...from the age of twelve, "I'll never work a day in my life".'9...) (Full Article) Search *
    (Categorized under 2003 Archive)

Skateboard Pro Tony Hawk Visits Sierra Leone
In war-ravaged Sierra Leone, children didn't know about skateboards or Tony Hawk *. But when Hawk visited the country recently on a goodwill mission, he was welcomed with smiles and made an instant connection. (extract: ...another to Sierra Leone, then a helicopter ride, the group landed in Freetown, Sierra Leone...every angle in hopes of getting a ride on the Tony-Go-Round. "It was...The children reacted as if they'd never seen a skateboard. When Hawk pulled his...exhibitions, "The people just freaked. They'd never seen anything like that." The kids wanted...and confusion of these people who had never seen such a thing, and most...) (Full Article) Search *
    (Categorized under 2004 Archive, Tony Hawk)

Lyn-Z Adams/Hawkins Interview: Skateboarding's Next Generation
Our interview with Lyn-Z Adams */Hawkins, covering topics including her skateboard history, travel, zoology, skateboard videos, Cara-Beth Burnside *, and layback airs. (extract: ...and Gallaz * World Cup Contest. I've never been to Australia * so it'll L: Yeah. But, uh, the plane ride won't be too fun, because it...) (Full Article) Search *
    (Categorized under 2003 Archive, Lyn-Z Adams/Hawkins)

Skateboard Women Increasingly Appear At Skateparks
"People always think of skateboarding as this tough scene, but I'm always out there with kids and their parents, just one big happy skate family," says Lyn-Z Adams *, 14, a phenom from Cardiff-by-the-Sea, Calif., who skates for the all-girl Roxy squad. "Growing up, I wanted to be like my brother," she says. "But today, maybe other young girls will want to be like me." (extract: ...consider signing up for "Girls Learn to Ride," coast-to-coast clinics sponsored by beachwear...I stopped for 25 years, but I never stopped loving it. I'd walk into...simply made her smile. Done. "I was never the sorority type," she says, adjusting her...) (Full Article) Search *
    (Categorized under 2004 Archive, Female Oriented, Lyn-Z Adams/Hawkins)

Mark 'Gator' Rogowski - Free Fallin'
A reprint of the article from the Village Voice in April of 1992 *. About the history of "Gator *". Originally appeared at (extract: ...skateboard park where Gator had his last ride, MacGill's Skatepark *. There, a handful of...her screams, and the murder weapon was never found. Yet something drove Gator to confess...a God the father," says Constantino. "Mark never had a father to speak of. signs of forcible rape. Although he never denied that Gator had killed Jessica, he...haven't quite been able and may never be able to do so." Gator'...) (Full Article) Search *
    (Categorized under 2004 Archive, Mark 'Gator' Rogowski)

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