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Land Image Skatepark Designs
"We believe in designing skateparks that work for the full range of users." From Chico, California; design team includes Chet Thomas. index.shtml Search Related
    (Categorized under Design/Consultation/Construction)

All Girl's Skateboard Contest, San Diego, January 28th
Skatewave is sponsoring the Girl's Street Contest at the National Skatepark Expo to promote and support female skateboarders. (Full Article) Search
    (Categorized under 2003 Archive, Female Oriented)

Skateparks Increasingly Accepted By Communities
"Snohomish County is riding the latest national trend in civic recreation, with five city-built skate parks opening since 1998, a sixth to open next month and six more in the discussion or planning stages. ... Now entire communities are coming together to raise money for skateboard parks, to give kids a place to practice their moves without breaking local no-skating laws or damaging public and private property. 'The kids just need somewhere to go.'" (extract: ...bowls and quarter-pipes. Sometimes they successfully land their kick flips, 180s and ollies, grinning...the King County portion of Bothell. The image of skateboarding has improved dramatically over the...teens get into the sport for the image, buying their clothes at Zumiez and walking...) (Full Article) Search
    (Categorized under 2002 Archive)

Mark 'Gator' Rogowski - Free Fallin'
A reprint of the article from the Village Voice in April of 1992. About the history of "Gator". Originally appeared at (extract: ...Gator had his last ride, MacGill's Skatepark. There, a handful of teenagers skated the...ground, spin around once completely, and then land where he'd taken off, inside his chops down at a local skatepark's half-pipes, moguls, and pool in...op art vortex or pastel quasi-African design), sans wheels and suspension system - would sell...of money and fame, in the holy land of skateboarding, Gator was his own...) (Full Article) Search
    (Categorized under 2004 Archive, Mark 'Gator' Rogowski)

Santa Cruz To Build $1.3M Skateboard Park With Full Loop
Construction has reportedly begun on the Mike Fox Skatepark, a new 15,000 square foot facility along the San Lorenzo River. When complete, the park will sport a full pipe, a peanut shaped pool with pool coping and tile, and a street course. (Full Article) Search
    (Categorized under 2006 Archive)

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Home Need A Skatepark? Forum Donate! Search FAQs Accreditation SiteMap Plann...
Home Need A Skatepark? Forum Donate! Search FAQs Accreditation SiteMap Planning Advocacy Fundraising Design &amp ... of Design Build The Price is Wrong Skatepark Typology Community-wide Skatepark Systems Siting Factors Top 10 Design Mistakes Hong Kong Street Skatepark Providers Case for Concrete Buck Jackson Interview ... Census Tips for First-time Advocates The Skatepark Process Getting Into Government Skatepark Typology ... all-pages.html

TRANSLATE german albanian belarusian bulgarian croatian czech danish dutch e...
... russian serbian slovak slovenian spanish swedish ukrainian Skatepark eintragen Zum Lokalisieren des Skateparks per + Button ... gefunden ist, bitte genau auf diesen Punkt(Skatepark) doppelklicken! Skate-Park eintragen, Schritt für ... Schritt! Video-Tutorial: Wie trage ich einen Skatepark ein! Koordinaten gespeichert. Zum Ändern der Koordinaten ... einen Dopplelklick an eine andere Stelle machen! Land: Deutschland Albanien Andorra Belgien Bosnien-Herzegowina Bulgarien ... Ungarn Weißrussland Zypern Titel (Ort, Spotname): Skatepark-Beschreibu Weg-Beschreibung: Kategorien: Bowl Halfpipe ... eintragen.php

PRODUCTS Our Modular Ramp System allows us to produce interchangeable compon...
... interchangeable components to build all variations of skatepark ramps varying in height, width, angle and ... Often used around the perimeter of a skatepark, quaterpipes redirect the user flow, allowing the ... Often used around the perimeter of a skatepark, quaterpipes redirect the user flow, allowing the ... up the wall surface, then turning to land back in the ramp. Vert walls are ... situated within the central area of a skatepark, usually ridden from a number of ... Products.html

call-877.734.7275 Login Home Services Featured Projects Projects Media Video...
... Pier 63 in Chelsea. The Pier 62 Skatepark will open to the public immediately following ... coming home jam each spring at the skatepark he helped design. While many of the ... a comment Skate Art Show at Etnies Skatepark of Lake Forest By SITE | Published: May ... and skate artists drew hundreds to Etnies Skatepark s first skate art show. The event ... to raise funds to keep the popular skatepark free of charge for riders with ... // Home About Us Links Contact Resources for Modern Skatepar...
... leaves nothing about building your own concrete skatepark, no matter what size, to guesswork. From ... book rules. If you though a killer skatepark came from pouring some 'crete on a ... JANUARY 21, 2000 BY MIKI VUCKOVICH "Public Skatepark Builder's Bible" If you've been ... on transforming an idea for a public skatepark into a finished, skateable product, a new skatepark-builders' guide. Written by sculptor and ... testimonials.html

... PICTURES TRICK TIPS VIDEO CLIPS Getting A Skatepark It s fair to say that I ... Because I ve never actually had a skatepark built. However, I have been part of a local skatepark committee for a long time and I ... most of you reading this, getting a skatepark built won t be as much of ... alone aren t going to get a skatepark built in your town or city ... articles/miscellaneous/getting-a- skatepark//

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