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About is run by Josh Rabinowitz and was launched in December, 1999. has been called "The Internet's foremost directory on everything related to skateboarding". We aim to be your directory and search engine for skateboard sites on the internet.

Our offices are located in New York City, and we can be reached at (212) 533-2835.

"Popularity" and "Hot" sites on

By default, category pages list sites in order of their popularity among users, with placement sponsor sites appearing first, in order of their popularity. The popularity of each site is recomputed periodically throughout the day.

The most popular 5% of sites listed on are considered 'hot' and are shown with the HOT graphic. Each site's "Hot" status is updated periodically throughout the day.

Related Links on

The Related Links pages are computed automatically and show which sites are "most related" to another site, based on usage of users.

The Search Engine and Skateboard Web Index

Our Skateboard Web Index allows you to search for sites listed on and on over 500,000 pages from thousands of skateboard-related websites across the net.

Links to search directly on the Skateboard Web Index look like this: *. Find out more with our Skateboard Web Index!

Sponsor sites on

Sponsoring sites on are shown with premier sponsor, banner sponsor, keyword sponsor, placement sponsor, icon sponsor, and/or bold sponsor graphics, depending on which packages the advertiser has chosen. Call us, email us or contact us through our link suggestion form if you are interested in becoming a sponsor. Sponsorships and Advertising: Please contact us at the phone number below, or email if you are interested in advertising on

Top Links and Top Searches:

A list of the most popular searches and the 50 most popular links is computed daily. News:

We are proud to announce our coverage of Skateboard News. We welcome relevant press releases to be sent to us at

Suggesting/submitting links and sites:

We are always on the lookout for appropriate sites to add to; if you have any suggestions we welcome you to submit them to us so we can add them to the directory.


Thanks for Kathy Konkle of for help with the Skateboard, Ramp, and Shoe Icons used on our website and in our display ads. Also, thanks to Matt Jalbert of SparkleJet Web Design for the HTML template, the cascading style sheet, and the logo. All other text and design elements are by Josh Rabinowitz.

Community Outreach is a member of the International Association of Skateboard Companies. In addition, is also an official Sponsor of the Harold Hunter Foundation, has donated to the Canadian Cancer Society for the 2003 Skate4Cancer drive, and has contributed to the Patrick Kerr Skateboard Scholarship.

Contact Us:

Our offices are located in New York City, and we can be reached at (212) 533-2835.

As always, we welcome your comments or press releases (but not your spam please!) at

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