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Alan 'Ollie' Gelfand (3)
Ali Boulala (3)
Andrew Reynolds (2)
Andy Macdonald (7)
Arto Saari (2)
Bam Margera (11)
Bastien Salabanzi (1)
Bob Burnquist (6)
Bobby Puleo (2)
Brad Staba (3)
Brandon Biebel (2)
Brian Sumner (2)
Bucky Lasek (2)
Cara-Beth Burnside (1)
Chad Muska (8)
Christian Hosoi (6)
Colin McKay (2)
Colt Cannon (2)
Daewon Song (2)
Dan Drehobl (2)
Danny Way (2)
Elissa Steamer (3)
Eric Koston (7)
Fausto Vitello (3)
Geoff Rowley (3)
Harold Hunter (11)
Heath Kirchart (2)
Jamie Thomas (4)
Jason Jessee (2)
Jason Lee (4)
Jay Adams (3)
Jeremy Klein (3)
Jesse Paez (2)
John Cardiel (3)
Jon Comer (4)
Kareem Campbell (2)
Keenan Milton (3)
Kris Markovich (2)
Lance Mountain (3)
Lyn-Z Adams/Hawkins (2)
Mark 'Gator' Rogowski (6)
Mark Gonzales (4)
Mathias Ringstrom (2)
Max Dufour (3)
Mike Vallely (6)
Mitchie Brusco (2)
Natas Kaupas (2)
PJ Ladd (2)
Paul Machnau (2)
Paul Rodriguez (2)
Pierre Luc Gagnon (4)
Quim Cardona (2)
Rick McCrank (2)
Rob Dyrdek (5)
Rodney Mullen (11)
Ryan Sheckler (9)
Salman Agah (2)
Sasha La Rochelle (2)
Shaun White (2)
Stacy Peralta (9)
Steve Berra (3)
Steve Caballero (6)
Terry Kennedy (2)
Tim Brauch (4)
Todd Falcon (2)
Tommy Guerrero (3)
Tony Alva (5)
Tony Hawk (22)
Tony Trujillo (2)
Tosh Townend (2)
Willy Santos (3)

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Louis Barletta Russian Interview hot!
Mentions of Ezekiel, Planet Earth, and other stuff we can't translate because it's all in Russian. foreign/38// Search Related

pic Skate Legends book to be released hot!
Upcoming release of 'Skate Legends' by Michael Brooke, with photos by Lynn Cooper". Site includes small profiles of many 'legendary' skaters including Pierre Andre, Steve Caballero, Primo Desiderio, Tony Hawk, Christian Hosoi, Lester Kasai, Allen Losi, Tony Magnusson, Rodney Mullen, Steve Olson, Duane Peters, and Per Welinder. Michael Brooke is also the author of the book "The Concrete Wave", and Cooper Productions is a "Colorado-based skate distribution company." (Full Article) Search

websk8 hot!
Photos and profiles of Rodney Mullen, Bob Burnquist, Daewon Song, Bastien Salabanzi, Tony Hawk, Jamie Thomas, Chad Muska, and Geoff Rowley. Site is all in French. rodney%20mullen.htm Search Related

Colin McKay Thrasher Interview hot!
"Q: So what's going on with all the rumors of the new Plan B? A: They’re all true. Q: Who do you have so far on the team? A: Not Tony Trujillo, even though he’s awesome. " SCREEN=interview_mckay Search Related

Richie Carrasco
Web page of the "360 King". Search Related

Bio, news, photos, video, sponsor info, and more. Search Related

Tyson, The Skateboarding Bulldog
All about this photogenic bulldog from southern California. Search Related

Israel Forbes Homepage
A short interview with Israel Forbes. Search Related

The website of skateboard pioneer Steve Alba. Search Related

Sandro Dias
All about the skater. Site is all in Portuguese. Search Related

Shiloh Greathouse
The official website of Shiloh Greathouse. Videos, information, Skateboarding Is Dead trailer, more. _content.html Search Related

Jason 'Wee-Man' Acuña on imdb
About the professional skater from Italy who rides a modified "mini" skateboard. Search Related

Marc Johnson: What The Pros Are Rockin'
Marc on how long boards last, griptape techniques, trucks, wheels, bearings, and board assembly. buyersguide/article/ 0,23271,200239,00.html Search Related

Javier Sarmiento Interview
Covering topics including how long he's skateboarded and his skateboard history, public skateparks, skateboarding for es, Sean Sheffey, the Kovorkians, owning Miami, and vital statistics. sarmiento// Search Related

Website of Josh Kasper. Photos, info about him, calendar, more. Search Related

Jaya Bonderov
"Jaya Bonderov is a soft spoken person who can lend a great deal of knowledge about the clean cut image behind Santa Cruz Skateboards." The Heckler Interview. jay_bonderov.html Search Related

Jessie Van Roechoudt: Pro Skater
Article about the skater from the SF Bay Guardian. With a picture mentions of moving to San Francisco, travel, and being a role model. /id1.html Search Related

Question Authority: Matt Field
Photo and q&a with Matt Field about stretching, being a jock, yoga, Kelly Bird, Coco Santiago and James Kelch, the fountain of youth, and looking goofy in public. skateboarder-news-features/news/ qamatfield// Search Related

Doug Brown, Professional Skateboarder
His official website. Search Related

Karma Tsocheff
Three photos of Karma. Search Related

Wade Speyer Interview
"Anyone that has seen Wade skate can tell you that he has a natural gift at sidewalk surfing...on an average day, Wade can be found at his home taking his daughter Maria for rides on his lawn mower, welding stuff, or driving his dumptruck." (Full Article) Search

Jeff Ferris
Online home of actor/skater Jeff Ferris, with some quicktime movies. Search Related

Dayne Brummet's on Skatewave
A short bio and photo from this San Diegan skateboarder now residing in Los Angeles. DayneBrummet/Pages/default.aspx Search Related

Dropping In: The True Story of Don Wimmer
"It's Spinal Tap on skateboards when a wanna-be documentary filmmaker follows wanna-be pro-skater Don Wimmer, who at the unlikely age of 42 gives up everything to go pro." Search Related

Holly Lyons
Website of this skateboarder from Northern California. Photo gallery, contest history and more. Search Related

Adam Luxford
"Adam Luxford on the vert ramp at Mona Vale, Sydney." Photograph by Mathew Packer. 2376119612// Search Related

Andy Howell
The artwork and history of Andy Howell. His "roots are simple: skateboarding, surfing, drawing, painting, punk rock, hip hop." Search Related

JD Downhill Speed Freak
"Extreme downhill skateboarder Jerry 'JD' Davis' personal site." Search Related

Old Skaters
"Whatever happened to.....?" Forum that discusses topics just like that. Search Related

Rider profiles, products, photos, and more. "Promoting the heart and soul of skateboarding." Search Related

Russ Howell Skateboards
Website of Russ Howell, competitive skateboarder 1975-1977. Search Related

Jay Stevason
Bio of this pro vert skater. /BIOstevason.htm Search Related

Kevin Francis - New Zealand Pro Skater
Photos, news, and tours of Kevin Francis & other New Zealand pro skateboarders. Search Related

Rene Carrasco
"An Old School skater that still competes." Search Related

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