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Zero Skateboards hot!
The website of Zero Skateboards. News, team info, and info about their decks, wheels, and T-Shirts. Team includes John Rattray, John Allie, Jamie Thomas, Chris Cole, and James Brockman. Search Related

Hessenmob Skateboards hot!
Website of this German Skateboard Company. Search Related

Syndrome Distribution hot!
Skateboard distributor. Also has web sites and team info for DNA, FKD bearings, Status Skateboards, Unit Skateboards and Trucks, and Reaction Griptape. From Vista, California. Search Related

Core Distribution hot!
"Skateboard distributor from Canada", with "web site and team info for Rellik Skateboard Co., Swisstek Bearings, Tower Skateboards, U-Project Helmets, and Darkside Griptape." Also the home of Kartel Online Boardshop. Search Related

Manticore skateboards hot!
Skateboards from Sweden. Search Related

Girl Skateboards hot!
An illustrated digital resource for the Girl Skateboard Family. Team includes Mike Carroll, Jeron Wilson, Rick McCrank, Eric Koston, Colin McKay, Tim Gavin, Sean Sheffey, Robbie McKinley, Rick Howard, Tony Ferguson, Guy Mariano, and Rudy Johnson. Search Related

Manna Skateboard Co. hot!
Skateboard Company from Columbus, Georgia. Team includes Anthony Carney, Jud 'Farmboy' Heald, Lennie Kirk, and Scott Yamamura. Search Related

Eina Skate Company hot!
Company from Barcelona, Spain. Team includes david canyado, jaime fontecilla, pitu panés, andreu renau, jirka dobes, eskil swerkersson and marcos gomez. Site is in English, Spanish, and Catalan. Search Related

Blind Skateboards hot!
Clothing, decks, wheels, store locator, and team info. Team includes Ronnie Creager, Jake Brown, Jake Duncombe, James Craig and Corey Sheppard. Requires shockwave. Search Related

Kingtide Coreboard hot!
Skate/surf company from Germany. Team include Bartosz Ciesielski, Michael Burdack, Sascha Wagner, and Niklas Vogel. Search Related

Republica Skateboards hot!
Skateboards, and more from Finland. Search Related

Listen Skateboards hot!
"We will bring back the passion, the love and most importantly the fun to skateboarding." Team include Danny Montoya, Rob Gonzalez, Rodrigo Petersen, and Brian Brown. From Costa Mesa, California. Search Related

Zorlac Skateboards hot!
Offering new school and old school decks in several different shapes and styles, along with T-shirts and hats. Site features a gallery of old school skating photos. Based in Dallas, Texas. Search Related

Plan B Skateboards hot!
Decks, wheels and apparal from this legendary label. Also features team news, team profiles, and a listing of online retailers selling their products. Team includes Colin McKay, Danny Way, Pat Duffy, Paul Rodriguez, PJ Ladd, Ryan Gallant, and Brain Wenning. Search Related

Deluxe Skateboard Distribution hot!
Skateboard and accessories mail order. Home pages of Thunder Trucks, Real Skateboards, Spitfire Wheels, Antihero Skateboards, also Stereo, Lucky, Forties, DLX, Think, Venture, Independent and more! From San Francisco, California. Search Related

Fuct Skateboards hot!
Skateboard decks, clothing, hats ,accessories and team info. Team includes Chip Adams, Ruda Lopes, Chuck Wampler, Abijah Martinez, Kurt Braget, Donny Binaco, Tom Curran, and Matt Kriegel. Located in Los Angeles, California. Search Related

Planet Earth hot!
Skateboards, Rhythm Skateboards and Mercury Trucks. Team includes Ed Selego, Kenny Reed, Nate Jones and Steve Nesser. From Carlsbad, California. Search Related

Dagger Skates hot!
Team includes Jay Adams, Tony Alva, Aaron Astorga, Biano Bianchin, Block, Jake Brown, Bob Burnquist, Chicken, Chris Cook, Bill Danforth, Eric Dressen, Dave Duncan, Christian Fletcher, Rune Glifberg, Leather, Gret Lutzka, Jesse Martinez, Lance Mountain, Aaron Murray, Chad Muska, Pat Ngoho, Steve Olson, Al Partaned, Brian Patch, Eddie Rategui, Chris Senn, Sasha Steinhorst, Joey Tershay, Tony Trujillo, and Danny Way. Search Related

Alien Workshop hot!
Wheel, deck, clothing and team info from the company founded by Chris Carter, Mike Hill and Neil Blender in Dayton, Ohio. FAQ and contact info and more. Team includes Jason Dill, Josh Kalis, Rob Dyrdek, Mike Taylor, Anthony Van Engelen, Steve Berra, and Heath Kirchart. Search Related

Penn's Wood Manufacturing and Catalyst Skateboards hot!
OEM/custom skateboard manufacturing from Pennsylvania. Search Related

Alliance Skateboard Company hot!
"'Action' Ohio Skateboard Company. You the lil guy? Big man always sittin his fat ass down and squashing your dreams? Take up your decks and fight." Decks, threads, purchasing info. Search Related

Flip Skateboards hot!
The Flip Skateboards Website, with news and team profiles. Team includes Tom Penny, Geoff Rowley, Arto Saari, Ali Boulala, Mark Appleyard, Rodrigo Tx, Lance Mountain, Bob Burnquist and Rune Glifberg. Search Related

Soul Trip hot!
Decks, shirts and hats. Site includes a gallery of skateboarding photos, profiles of their team members, and a listing of the shops that sell their products. Established in 1992. Based in Satellite Beach, Florida. Search Related

Bullseye Brand hot!
"100% Canadian Maple, Made in the USA." Tattoo-styled decks, shirt, hoodies, sandals and footwear, wallets, belts, and more, from Texas. Search Related

Premium Wood hot!
Premium Wood skateboards and accessories. Team includes Eteinne Tanguay, Alex Gavin, Marc Tison, Max Dufour, Eric Mercier, Alex Rothbauer, Mike McKinley, Scott Pommier, Steve Cantin, Alex DeGrace, and Pierre Yves Frapier. Made and operated by skateboarders, site includes Canadian Skatepark listing. Search Related

LIB Technologies Skateboards hot!
All about LIB Technologies skateboards, from Seattle, Washington. Search Related

Cuckoo Skateboards hot!
Clothing, accessories, and decks from the Czech Republic. Search Related

Weekend Skateboards hot!
Handmade decks. In business since 1996. Features a gallery of their deck models and graphics, and profiles of their associates. Site is all in German. Located in Baretswil, Switzerland. Search Related

Gordon and Smith hot!
Skateboards, surfboards, surf apparel, skimboards and bodyboards. Featuring company info and history, as well as galleries of their teams, and graphics. Based primarily in San Diego, California. Search Related

Ghetto Skateboards hot!
Decks and wheels, as well as a skatepark claimed to be "a transition wonderland". The park is indoor and consists of a 60 foot wide miniramp with all sorts of ramps built around it. Located "in the Dade City/San Antonio area just north of Tampa." Search Related

Melodica skateboards hot!
Skateboards, wheels and apparel from the USA and Finland. Site is mostly in Finnish and has some photos and videos. Search Related

Project Skateboard Co. hot!
"Company specializing in skateboard and ramp design and construction," from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Search Related

BlackOut Skateboards hot!
"Swedish skateboard company." main2.htm Search Related

Muerto Skateboards hot!
Decks and more from Oceanside, California. Search Related

Chocolate Skateboards hot!
Tour preview and team photos. Team includes Marc Johnson, Richard Mulder, Gino Iannucci, Kenny Anderson, Chris Roberts, Mike York, Chico Brenes, Justin Eldridge, Anthony Pappalardo, Devine Calloway, Scott Johnston, and Daniel Castillo. Search Related

Spartak hot!
Skateboards and longboards from the UK. Search Related

Prism Skateboards hot!
"Run by skaters for skaters not corporate America." Decks, wheels, clothing, and more; established in 1996. Originally from San Diego, California; currently from Virginia. Search Related

Dirty Butt Skateboards hot!
Manufacturer of longboards, skateboards and wheels. From Oceanside, California. Search Related

Riverfarm Family hot!
Decks, wheels, t-shirts, hoodies, hat, accessories and more from this Sweden based company. Including photo and video galleries of the team including Mikael Vinoles Marklund and Christian Sandell. Search Related

Z-Boy hot!
Designer and creater of skateboarding "goods direct from the source". Including decks, surfboards, apparel and shoes. Featuring galleries of all their shoe and T-shirt models, as well as a written recap of the company's history. Located at Camarillo, California. Search Related

Homegrown Skateboards hot!
"Roots skateboard Manufacturer" which make decks that have "stiffer nose-to-tail flex, are more chip resistant, and are less likely to break." Site includes photos, videos, online store, and more. From LaHave, Nova Scotia, Canada. Search Related

Snotnose skateboarding hot!
Dutch skateboard company since '00. "Underground skateboard company in Rotterdam, Holland ... They spray paint each deck differently so there are no 2 decks alike." Run by skateboarders and artists. Search Related

Death-Grip Skateboard Company hot!
"Skateboard company from the Midwest." Deck and tshirt info, reviews of skateparks in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Kentucky, and more. Search Related

Virus Skateboards hot!
An "Anglo-Bulgarian" company with decks, apparel, pics and more. Search Related

Tribe Custom Skate Decks
"Specializing in custom designed decks." Search Related

Phobic Skateboards
"Started in the summer of 2004... Located in Silverdale, Washington." Search Related

Skateboards, apparel, the Duorail, team information, and other stuff. From Centenial, Colorado. Search Related

Kean Skateboards
Dutch skateboard company selling decks, wheels and apparel. Since 2003. Search Related

Boo Skateboards
Offering old school, new school and custom boards. Also includes informaiton about Zero-Eight Ramp Builders. From Cleveland, Ohio. Search Related

Nomad Skateboards
Decks, hardware, clothing, hats and more. In business since 2001. Graf style site features profiles of the team, galleries of their products, and a map of their European distributors. From Zaragoza, Spain. Search Related

Warrior Extreme Sports
Skateboards, decks, trucks, apparel and snowboards. From Irvine, California. Search Related

Arrow Skateboards
"Skater owned and operated company" featuring original designs. From Atlanta, Georgia. Search Related

Skull Skates
Product info, skatespot directory, articles. From Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Search Related

World Industries
Skateboard and team info. Team includes Carlos De Andrade, Enrique Lorenzo, Mike Crum, Chad Bartie, Kyle Berard, and Mike Peterson. Also known as Search Related

Skateboards, clothing, team info, company news, and video clips. Team includes Ronnie Bertino. From Oceanside, California. Search Related

Stimulus Skateboards
Stimulus Skateboards website. Information about their decks and team members. From New Jersey. Search Related

Manufacturer of "Custom Snowboards and Skateboards", from Canada. Search Related

Control Skateboards
"OEM/custom skateboard manufacturing from Canada, 100% hard maple." Search Related

Santa Cruz
Official website for Santa Cruz Skateboards with galleries of new deck and clothing designs. Also featuring photos and videos of team members including Lee Smith, Alex Moul, Rob Welsh, Tom Knox, Eric Dressen, Oli Buergin, Flo Marfaing, Emmanuel Guzman and Jason Jessee. Search Related

Bonafide Skateboards
Decks, wheels and shirts. Team includes Liberty Richo, Mike Andrews, Ewin lewis and Sean Bargmann. From Houston, Texas. Search Related

Birdhouse Projects
Tony Hawk's company's website. Decks, wheels, pros and images. Team includes Tony Hawk, Jeremy Klein, Bucky Lasek, Willy Santos, and Heath Kirchart. Search Related

Skateboards. Search Related

Dogtown Skateboards
Team photos and product and company info. Team includes Brain Patch, Cheyne Magnusson, Jamie Obrien, Matt Archbold and John John Florence. Located in Venice, California. Search Related

Beer City Skateboards and Records
Skateboards, wheels, griptape and accessories; T-Shirts, Tour info, team info (Scott Smiley, DeVille Nunes, Greg Lutzka). From Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Search Related

Hybrid Skateboards
"Decks, apparel, accessories, team info, and QuickTime videos, from Ontario, Canada. Site requires flash." Search Related

Sugar Sports
Decks, wheels, pants, shirts, caps and more from Los Angeles, California. Search Related

Zion Skate
Decks, wheels, and team info about this company from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Search Related

Villain Skateboards
"Pressed Harder." Decks, shirts, and beanies from Pennsylvania. home.html Search Related
"Famous and Plush Skateboards Site" with "a magazine section catering to Alberta Canada." Search Related

Anonymous Skateboards
Decks, hardware, and clothing from Italy. Site is in Italian and English. Search Related

defyn skateboards
"Skater owned skateboard company out of Grand Rapids, Michigan." Rider information, photos, and more. Search Related

Creep Show Skates
Skateboards, from New Hampshire. Team info, "piks & vids", mission statemtent, and more. Search Related

Mischif Skateboards
"South African Skateboard Company from SPF Distribution". Product info, company, and team info. Search Related

Draven Shoes
A combination of tattoo artists, skaters and designers fueled by music and reflecting their renditions of street culture onto footwear, clothes and skateboards alike. Located in Costa Mesa, California. Search Related

JuiceBox Skateboards
Handcrafted decks in a variety of models including pintail, fishtail, and longboards. Site also offering custom made boards, and featuring a gallery of their differing models. Located in Santa Monica, California. Search Related

Ghetto Skateboards
Florida based deck company, with products made in the USA. Also the future home of the Ghetto Skate Facility, which will have two indoor bowls, one fairly small and the other huge, with multiple escalators and heights. 37216 Chancey Rd., Zephyrhills, Florida, 33541. Search Related

Plague skateboards
Team info, product photos, and contact information for this Virginia-based outfit. Search Related

Zoo York
New York City skateboard company, clothing, team, and skateboard family. Team includes Zerad Bassett, Forrest Kirby, Aaron Suski and Kevin Taylor. Search Related

Monke Skateboards
Decks, clothing, mounting hardware, some images. From Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Search Related

Performance Sk8products
"A standard 7-ply maple deck featuring patented replacable performance enhancing tips... designed and engineered for the ollie" and to keep a board's 'pop' longer. From Venice, California. Search Related

Baker Skateboards
The official website of Baker Skateboards, with photos and more. Team includes Andrew Reynolds, Jim Greco, Dustin Dollin, Erik Ellington, Jeff Lenoce, Terry Kennedy. Search Related

Gringo Skateboards
Decks, wheels, and more from Jeff Newton (previously of Zorlac and Thrasher) in Texas. index2.php Search Related

Kean Skateboard Company
Team includes Kees Draaisma, Hein Schellekens, Job Willemsen, and Damiaan Winkelman. Apparently located somewhere in Europe. Search Related

Indiana Skateboards
"100% handmade skateboards" from Switzerland. Slalom, longboards, and freestyle boards. Search Related

Poolside Skateboards
"Designed for the old school poolstyle rider... All products are American Made." From Oregon. Search Related

One Love Skateboards
"International skateboard company" headquartered in San Francisco, California. Search Related

Decomposed Skateboards
Freestyle flatland skateboards. From Nevada. Search Related

Blunt Skateboards
"Underground skate company based in Bern, Switzerland and San Diego, CA." Decks, t-shirts, wheels, hoodies, more. Search Related

Change Skateboards
Offering decks "crafted with love and certified laser beams." From Ontario, Canada. Search Related

VXB Skateboard Bearings
Selling ball bearing for an array of different vehicles, and devices, and offering bearings designed specifically for skateboarding. Located at Anaheim, California. 714-385-1050. Search Related

Pocket Pistols Skates
Founded in 2002 and dedicated to the evolution of skateboarding, this company makes racing, pool, and street decks, as well as wheels. Featuring a slideshow of pool and slalom skaters, and their graphic artists. Based in Huntington Beach, California. Search Related

Conspiracy Skateboards
In business since 1993, this company offers decks, wheels, clothing, dvds, stickers, posters and more. Site features galleries of art by their co-founder and designer, and photos of the crew skating. Based in Denver Colorado. Search Related

"Providing a third choice to those cookie cutter, corporate mainstream companies." Skateboard Decks, T-Shirts, Long Sleeve Shirts, "Lids" and more, from Orange County, California. Search Related

Redneck Skateboards
"Proud to be Canadian owned." Decks, trucks, wheels and more. Search Related

Shit® Skateboard Company
"From Norway." Decks, garments, bags, and more. Search Related

Kinetik Skateboards
"Central Texas Skateboarding: San Marcos, Austin, San Antonio." Search Related

Comet Skateboards
Comtop, Proflex and Classic Skateboards, Wheels, T-Shirts, online photo gallery and some skate videos and more. From San Francisco, California. Search Related

Create Skateboard Company
"Create and skate!" Decks with monochromatic and bichromatic designs, T-shirts, team info, more. Based out of Delaware. Search Related

Bella Girl Boards
An original line of decks and skateboard apparel designed with a feminine aesthetic and a lot of pink and purple. Site also offers female-oriented models of name brand trucks, wheels, accessories and protective gear. Based in Mesquite, Nevada. Search Related

Almost Skateboards
News, team profiles, product info and a skaters' blog. Team includes Deawon Song, Rodney Mullen, Chris Haslam, Ryan Sheckler, Greg Lutzka, Cooper Wilt, and Lewis Marnell. Search Related

Offering decks with both photos and detailed descriptions of their curves and dimensions. Also offering custom shaped decks, and information on determining the decks' concave. Site features a gallery of unprofessional skating, as well as skate apparel. Located in Costa Mesa, California. Search Related

Founded by Jamie Bartie and offering decks, wheels, accessories, and clothing. Featuring team profiles and more. Team includes, Chad bartie, Scott Standly, Dave Harris, Karl Bayldon, and Pat Dandy. Located in Burleigh, Australia. Search Related

Suicide Skateboards
Skateboard brand from Maryland, with boards, clothing, and accessories. Search Related

Sik City Skateboards
"Seven ply rock maple skateboards made America. We are devoted to try to keep all of our products made in America." Company from Brownsvile, Vermont; boards made in Maine. Search Related

Flexdex performance skateboards
... "an engineered unlaminated fiberglass composite utilizing 6 different resins and fiberglass..." From San Diego, California. Search Related

Habitat Skateboards
Decks, wheels, accessories and team info. Located in Dayton, Ohio. Team includes Fred Gall, Tim O'Conner, Kerry Getz, Danny Garcia, Ed Selego, Stephn Janowski, Silas Baxter Neal, Raymond Molinar, and Guru Khalsa. Search Related

OutLook Skateboards
Virginia's Premier Skateboard Co. Based out of Virginia Beach, USA Search Related

Rookie Skateboards NYC
Arty skate photos, team info, contact info, and more from this New York City Based skateboard company. Search Related

Metal Skateboards
Boards and shirts from New Jersey, "established 1995." Search Related

Bootleg Skateboards
The company website. From NHS, in Santa Cruz, California. Search Related

Revolution Skateboards
"Designs and produces products and components which utilize carbon fiber (graphite) as a primary material in construction." Tas Pappas, rider. From Poway, California. Search Related

Levelthirtn Skatecompany
"A skate and wakeskate manufacturer based in Canada." L13 Search Related

Memetic Skateboards
American made skateboard decks and apparel. Company and product info, more. From Plymouht, New Hampshire. Search Related

Unity Skateboards
"No big bosses and no one man that runs things. The skaters run this company..." From North Carolina. Search Related

MiniLogo Skateboards
Almost blank decks, trucks, wheels, bearings and more from Skate One. Based in Santa Barbara, California. Search Related

Decks in a variety of shapes from pool, to downhill, to newschool. Featuring galleries of the products, as well as photos of their team and associates' skating. Also includes a history of the company's origins. Located in Seal Beach, California. Search Related

Old Man Army
Old school and new school decks, hats, T-shirts, and jackets for sale. Focused on the older riders and thier styles, and featuring galleries of both photos and profiles from this generation of skaters. Located at Mesa, Arizona. Search Related

Volume Skateboards
Decks, hoodies, and T-shirts. Featuring profiles of thier team, a listing of the shops selling thier brand, and a display of thier current deck designs. Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Search Related

Steve Rodriguez' Skate Company. Team includes Joe Tookman, Dan Pensyl, Danny Falla and Charlie Wilkins. International team includes, Masanori Uruma, Akira Ishizawa, Paul Allard, Menjamin Chadoume, and David Conrads. From New York City. Search Related

snot boards
Decks, wheels, shirts, quicktime videos. Team page, video preview. Am team includes Tim Swike, Ryan Wilson, Adam Conway, Scott Iczkowksi, Mike Melvin, Devin Cooper, Lauren Johnson, and Jeremy Alder. From Indianapolis, Indiana. Search Related

Hook-Ups Skateboards
Website for Jeremy Klein's skateboard company. Anime-themed decks, wheels, t-shirts, accessories, hats, and hardgoods. Search Related

Termite Skateboards
Skateboard company specializing in smaller, "serious Boards for Young Riders", also wheels, accessories, and shirts. Search Related

Omni Skateboards
"Australian skateboard manufacturers since 1986." Labels include Omni, Venus, and Bent. Search Related

Powell Skateboards
"Team bios, skateboard pics, trick tips, video clips. Team includes Steve Caballero, Moses Itkonen, Danny Wainwright, Jason Ellis, and Jason Comer." Search Related

Manik Skateboards
Skateboard company "operated out of Seattle, Washington." Search Related

Hatchet Wound Skateboard Happening
From Connecticut. "Selling boards out of our trunks." No fake philosophy. Search Related

Cliche Skateboards
Skateboards, wheels, hardware, clothing and more from France. Team includes Javier Mendizabal, JJ Rousseau, Lucas Puig, JB Gillet Cale Nuske, Jeremy Daclin, Ricardo Fonseca, and Joey Brezinski. Search Related

Yama Skateboards
Austrian-based skateboard team, since 1998. Search Related

Woodoo Skateboards
"Decks, wheels, griptapes & trucks" from Argentina. Search Related

Revel Skateboards
"Local South Florida board company." Search Related

Grand Prix Skateboards
"Skateboards with racing car designs" and slalom suspensions. From Thousand Oaks, California. Search Related

Corporate Imposter
"A creation of imagination and determination... For those who see beyond the hype and the superficiality." Started by Chris Wilson, the former drummer of Good Charlotte. From Salt Lake City, Utah. Search Related

Makaha Skateboards
Handmade decks that are "exact recreations of the orginal Makaha and Commander" and T-shirts. Also featuring an in depth history of Makaha skateboards and the evolution of riding from the 60s to the present. From Santa Monica, California. Search Related

Enormity Skateboards
Selling decks and T-shirts with "true east coast skateboarding" in mind. Site provides a listing of local skate shops and parks. Parsippany, New Jersey. Search Related

Hosoi Skateboards
Team includes Christian Hosoi, Richard Mulder, Daniel Cardone, Andre Genovesi, and Sergi Ventura. Based in Huntington Beach, California. Search Related

Ragged Skateboards
Decks, Apparel, Shirts, Hats, and more. "Also the creators of Beach and Boards, Wear It Out and Hunka Bunka brands." From Emeryville, California. Search Related

Solace Skateboards
"Skateboards, shirts, hoodies and long sleeve shirts." From Angel Fire, New Mexico. Search Related

Unity Skateboards
"Unity Skateboards is a skateboard company out of Charlotte, North Carolina. Team is Randy Longbine, Tyler Creason, Chris Miskell. Started in 2005 by skateboarders, for skateboarders. Join the Revolution!" Search Related

Substance Skateboards
"Skater owned and operated skateboard company based in New York City. All of our products are made here in the United States." Pro Team includes Rob Campbell, Ralph Murphy, and Alan Siegler. Search Related

Consolidated Skateboards
About their riders and their products; home of the ground breaking "The Plan" article on how to get a skatepark built. Located in Santa Cruz, California. Pro team includes Mike Peterson, Roberto Aleman, Steve Bailey, Jub, Karma Tsocheff, and Alan Petersen. Search Related

Team as of aug 2006: Caswell Berry, Nestor Judkins, Clark Hasser, Cairo Foster, Jason Adams, Louie Barletta, Jose Roho, and Jerry Hsu. Search Related

Curly Grrlz Board Sports
Self-titled "girl's skateboard company." From Groton, Connecticut. Search Related

Hooligan Skateboards
"Our goal is to give people quality boards without robbing them blind." Decks, shirts, band info, more. "Who says DIY is dead?" From New York. Search Related

Five Points Skateboards
"Custom roller planks, hand crafted for originality and style." Pictures, clothing and more, from Ohio. Search Related

Roman Skateboards
From Rome, Italy. Search Related

Local Skateboards
"Scottish skateboard company." Search Related

Jart Skateboards
Skateboard company from Spain that claims to have its own factory. Search Related

Olive Skateboard
Manufacturer of skateboards, snowboards and wakeboards, from Alberta, Canada. Search Related

Zerstorer Skateboards
"Old and new school Boards." From Krefeld, Germany. Search Related

Medic Skateboards
Decks and T-shirts. Team inlcudes Martin McShane and Colin Taylor. Based in Greenock, Scotland. Search Related

Hijinx Skateboarding
Decks, T-shirts, videos and more. Featuring video clips of their skaters. Based in Houston, Texas. Search Related

Vile Skateboards
Creating and displaying their own brand of decks and T-shirts. Site includes team profiles and video clips. Based in Orem, Utah. Search Related

Climax Manufacturing
Orion aluminum trucks, sixteen skateboards, stamina clothing, tracker trucks, and neighborhood skateboards. Also known as From Oceanside, California. Search Related

Toy Machine Bloodsucking Skateboards
Product info, contact info, info about the team riders. Team includes Ed Templeton, Austin Stephens, Jonny Laton, Josh Harmoney, Billy Marks, Matt Bennett and Diego Bucchieri. From Huntington Beach, California. Search Related

Villan Skateboards (dmoz)
"Selling boards at cheap prices. We also sell clothing, and visors. From Provo, Utah." Search Related

Triple7 Skateboards
"A bunch of freaks with nothing better to do that remind you of what really matters." Religious-themed completes, decks, and longboards, also X-Skate and Webb trucks, hats and shirts. From Capo Beach, California. Search Related

People's Mooseboard Skateboards (P.M.S.)
Skateboard company owned by David Castillo. "Although this team may not be the best or the most talented, Mooseboard is truly unique. Team consists of David Castillo, David Summerlin, The Mooska Ulster Napoles, Eric Williams, Julian Pizzachini, Tyler Fite, and Hans Von Miester. Location unknown. Search Related

Hoodlum Skateboards
"A start up skateboard company based out of Connecticut, looking to please a wide variety of people's interests... Structured to undermine evil" and in the "pursuit of Peace, Liberty, and good skate spots everywhere." Search Related

Maverick Skateboards
"Maverick decks, Maverick girls calendar, videos, accessories and stuff." From Beverly Hills, California. Search Related

One Percent Skateboards
"One percent of the population are skateboarders." Decks and team info. Representing Detroit, Michigan. Search Related

Worship Skateboards
"The difference we hope to make is by providing an outlet for art to return to skateboarding rather than mere marketing schemes." From Norwich, Connecticut. Search Related

Glory Skateboards
Decks, clothing, and gear from Walnut, California. Search Related

Yocaher Skateboards
Featuring Doug Brown and Steven Web. From La Puente, California. Search Related

Freedom Skateboards
"A Christian skateboard ministry." Boards and clothes from Pennsylvania. Search Related

Creme Skateboards
Hardgoods, clothing and accessories, from Innsbruck, Austria. Pro team includes Dominik Dietrich, Ross McGouran, Nobby Roth, Rodney Clarke, and Manual (Manolo) Margreiter. Search Related

Brooklyn Board Co
Brooklyn based skateboard company selling hand spray painted decks. Search Related

Science Skateboards
"Collaboration decks and clothing with various respected artists and designers. Skater profiles" and more. Also known as Search Related

Black Label Skateboards
Quicktime videos. Team includes Kyle Leeper, Matt Mumford, Anthony Shultz, Chris Troy, Adam Alfaro, Chet Childress, Pat Rakestraw, Peter Watkins, and Chaz Pineda. Search Related

Alva Skateboards
"The Official Tony Alva Online Store". Decks, wheels, clothing, and Dogtown and Z-Boys video. Search Related

Karma Skateboards
Decks, wheels, T-shirts, hoodies, accessories and more. In business since 2002. Site features team profiles. Team includes Pete King, Amir Willaims and Joe Nobes. Located at Northants, UK. Search Related

Mystery Skateboards
Boards, wheels, clothing, and more from this Southern California based company. Team includes Adrian Lopez, Ryan Smith, Lindsey Robertson, Ryan Bobier, and Dan Murphy. Search Related

Cool Girls Decks
"Cool Boards for Cool Girls Who Rip!" From Balboa Island, California. Search Related

AZPX Skateboards
Arizona Punx offers decks, shirts, and vinyl LPs. Site features team profiles, photo galleries and a message board. Also includes Arizona skatepark listings. Search Related

Maya Skateboard Company
Decks "made of epoxied Marfim wood", from Florida. Search Related

Metric Skateboards
Decks, clothing, and information about their team, including Cyrus Thiedke and Chris Kendall. From Alberta, Canada. Search Related

Freaki Tiki Skateboards
Decks wheels and more from Jacksonville, Florida. Search Related

Sudden Death Skateboards
"Skateboards with custom designed grip tape." From McKinney, Texas. Search Related

Tum Yeto, Inc. (dmoz)
"Entirely by skateboarders, for skateboarders. From Southern California." Search Related

ATX Skateboards
Maker or "decks and gear." From Austin, Texas. Search Related

Scum Skates
Boards and clothing from Fullerton, California. Search Related

Skid Row Skateboards
"Old School boards and accessories. Carveboards and the new Stik." From Port Townsend, Washington. Search Related

Mentality Skateboards
Decks, wheels, clothing, and more from Houston, Texas. Team includes Dan MacFarlane, Jason Barr, Jonathan Bastian and Chris Cope. “Mentality is in your head.” Search Related

Coz Skateboards
Decks, hardware and clothing from Austin, Texas. Team include Ryan Strader, Thomas Shewalter, Drew Daniels, Stevie Duemler, Chris Osborne, and Abe Olague. Search Related

TNS Industries
"San Diego based skateboard company. Carving a niche in decks" designed by tattoo artists. Search Related

Reeson Skateboards
Founded in 1989 and offering decks and apparel. Site features posted articles, profiles of the team members, and photo galleries of music and skateboarding. Based in Italy. Site in English and Italian. Search Related

Skater Made
"From a demand deep within the subculture" in Santa Monica, California. Search Related

Pool King Skateboards
"Design, manufacture, and sales of a full line of skateboard wheels, trucks, etc." From San Diego, California. Search Related

Half Pint Skateboards
New brand specializing in boards for younger riders. Team updates, product info and more, from Santa Cruz, California. Search Related

Stone Skateboards
"Decks and clothes, sponsors a pro, am team, and musical events." Site is mostly in Spanish; boards are made in Canada. Search Related

Character Skateboards
Their goal is to "make quality products, promote skateboarding, have fun and hopefully raise a few eyebrows along the way". Company and team info, more. From Chicago, Illinois. Search Related

Cohort USA
"Your Cohort against the crass corporate skateboard establishment and the answer to the force fed sub 7' inch deck masses. Our products promote the purist PuNk lifestyle of skateboarding...." From Corona, California. Search Related

BullDog Skates
"The soul of Bulldog Skates is the art and design of Wes Humpston." From Huntington Beach, California. Search Related

Cold War Skateboards
"Skateboards for the nuclear family. Old school hybrid shapes... Art and Steve Godoy, and more." From Portland, Oregon. Search Related

Dumb Skateboards
Skateboard company from Italy. Site is all in Italian! Search Related

Null Skateboards
"Skater owned & operated company based out of Colorado." Team includes Bernie Keith, Ryan Null, Pat Hickey, Monico Candelaria, Jeff Hulslander, Greg Harbour, and Brian Bourquin. Search Related

Flatline Skateboards
Galleries of their decks, clothing and accessories, as well as videos and photos of their team. From Jacksonville, Florida. Search Related

Sacrifice Skateboards
"We sold our souls to skate some bowls." Boards, team info and news, contact info. From Riverside, California. Search Related
Canadian site with "cheap but strong decks" as well as pics and shirts. Search Related

IMOC Skate
"A Unique Skateboard Company" from Allentown, Pennsylvania. Search Related

Casual Skateboards
"Decks and apparel" from Maryland. Search Related

Nervous Strong Company
Polish skateboard firm. "The truth is that we are wracks and still think it's '92. Skateboarding and vodka destroyed our lives..." Search Related

Earthwing Skateboards
"New York City's fastest company." Info about their thermoplastic decks, apparel, company, and more. From New York City. Search Related

Traffic Skateboards
"The Lost Art of Skateboarding". From New Jersey. Search Related

Apache Skateboards
Skateboard company from Arizona selling silkscreened decks by Douglas Miles. Search Related

Tunnel Skateboards
An "old school skateboard brand". Site includes interview with founder Mitch Haake. Search Related

Decks and T-shirts for sale. Featuring team profiles, a photo gallery, a listing of retailers, and a news page to post all the occurances and developments related to the company. Based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Search Related

Index Ink Skateboards
Skateboard decks featuring the artwork of Chad Carothers. From Orange County, California. Search Related

Convoy Skateboards
Manufactures Decks, clothing and apparel. Founded by Eamonn Bourke and Chris Reichert in 2005, and based out of Arlington, Virginia. Search Related

Liquor Skateboards
T-shirts and skateboards. From San Luis Obispo, California. Search Related

Blockhead Skateboards
A revived skateboard company founded in 1984 in Roseville, California. Search Related

dometic skateboards
Wood and Cloth. "A new board company". Location unknown. Search Related

Truancy Board Co.
Deck company with a catalog of their latest models. Also includes team profiles, event listing, and the location of all their retail distributors. Based in York, Pennsylvania. Search Related

FM Skateboards
"Not name brand." From Riverside, California. Search Related

Lealta Skateboarding
"A cruelty free, fair trade skateboard and apparel company." From Homosassa, Florida. Search Related

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