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Personal Pages:Regional Sites (25)
Trick Tips (7)

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Amateur Teams (20)
Skaters (304)

the skate page
Skate page with some photo and more, all in spanish. Search Related

Skateboard Pics and Animation (dmoz)
"This site is devoted to the great skateboarders of the time. Including Eric Koston, Andrew Reynolds, Daewon Song, and many others." DVS.htm Search Related

Drunk Katt Inc. Skateboarding (dmoz)
"Pictures, reviews, monthly giveaways and skatepark information." /index.html Search Related

Krille´s Sk8 Site (dmoz)
"Videos, links, guestbook, and pics." Search Related

Skate Switch
"Pics, skateboard backgrounds, logos, links, trick tips, ramp plans, animations of pros," more. sskateboarding// Search Related

Aret Bez (dmoz)
"It's a site about skateboarding, music, and DJing." aretbez.htm Search Related

Kyle's Killer Skate Page (dmoz)
"All the news on the top skaters including videos, pictures, and a little bit of help on what to buy." skateboarding2 Search Related

Skate Sick!
Skateboarding pics and profiles of Travis Litts and friends. Search Related

Cycoflame Sk8 Team
Website of these skaters from Lacey, Washington with some hotos and info. /sicksktr// Search Related

KLS Skate Team
This "Oklahoma skate team" includes Kyle Coughran, Gary Noyes, Derek Hill, and Andrew Parks. Search Related

Slick Silver
"Dedhams first Sk8 Site." Local skateparks in Massachussetts. Search Related

RWD Skate Team
"Team from Long Island, New York, who skates for the love of skateboarding." Search Related

Old School - Floss Skateboard Team
"Lots of pics from all of us growing up in the 80's. A few new schoolers but mostly us 30 year olds. Some assorted stuff from my homies also." Search Related

Skate Zone
Skateboarding photos, video clips, more. Search Related

BC Skateboarding & Longboarding
"Dedicated to the awesome lifestyles we're so fortunate to be a part of." bcskateandlongboard.html Search Related

World Skate Inc.
"Pics, animated trick tips, history," and more. Search Related

The Outsiders
"Skateboarding and Snowboarding site" from... Holland? Search Related

Shiky's Pad Search Related

Zak's Skate Castle (dmoz)
"Skateboarding, Chad Muska, Kareem Campbell, Steve Olson, skate pics, skate links, Eric Koston, tons more." index.html Search Related

A skateboard history, reviews, some links, more. Search Related

Skateboarding Ain't A Crime
Richard C. Haydon IV's personal web site. Fingerboard trick tips, pics and vids, cd reviews, more. Search Related

Evan's Skateboarding Page
Pictures of Evan skating, also some pros, and a couple vids, with some trick tips. EFskateboarding Search Related

Some pictures, animations, and more. Search Related

Team Homicide 197
"A young team that is hoping to expand" Homicidehomepageindex.html Search Related

Skateboard photos and more, in French. Search Related

Spirit Skates
Member profiles, and more from this "skate team based in England." Search Related

Ryan's Skate Page
"By Ryan Winters." Search Related

Dementia Boarding
Some clips and pics. Search Related

Joeys Skateboarding Site
Skateboard pictures, information and more. joeysskateboardingsite Search Related

Civil Skate
Pictures, bios, and info about these skaters. civilskateboarding Search Related

Team Jackpot
A group whose purpose is to "support female skateboarders whose goal is to become the best possible skateboarder they can be. ... All of our members are from the Bay Area, California." _Jackpot.html Search Related

Underworld Retaliation
Group of skateboarders from Iowa. Search Related

Dan's Skate Page (dmoz)
"Pictures, links, animated gifs and video clips, Quick Time movies, trick tips, forums and free e-mail service." Search Related

Devo's World (dmoz)
"Oldschool and longboard skating, 80's, tabloids, art, my '89 jeep grand wagoneer, vegan and anti-vegan, weird and awsome pics, punk, cheesy computer games." Search Related

Ebola (dmoz)
"Original skateboarding photos and videos. Come see the skate team." Search Related

Eric's Sk8board Heaven (dmoz)
"Trick tips, ramp plans, articles, sk8er pics, links, and interviews." index.htm Search Related

E-Skate (dmoz)
"Includes tips, video files, equipment reviews and screensavers." /index.htm Search Related

Skate And Punk (dmoz)
"Pictures, games, cartoons, animated gifs, links and logos." Home.html Search Related

Team Shorty's (dmoz)
"Features Shorty's skateboards, pictures, trick tips, ramp plans and profiles." aenter.html Search Related

Todd's Site (dmoz)
"Site including skateboard tricks, bike tricks, and in-line tricks." Search Related

Zero's Skateboarding Page (dmoz)
"Includes pictures, movies and tips." Search Related

Will's, Pat's, and Sam's Skate Page
Skateboarding page, including homemade pics and professional pictures, Trick tips, and more. Search Related

bowers skate page
Skateboard site with rodney mullen and tony hawk pics, and trick tips. Search Related

Fort Lauderdale Skate Crew
Florida skatepark listing, show info, skate pictures, more. Search Related

Simply Skateboarding
"Made by a girl from Minnesota- video reviews and more." Search Related

Team Moo
Site of this "skate team from Thornton-Cleveleys" UK. Search Related

All about this amateur skate team from the "Northern Delaware Area." Search Related

Isotope Skateboarding
Photos, videos, spots in Pennsylvania, and more. Search Related

Some videos, pictures, and info about his skate crew. Search Related

Digi-Cal Skateboarding
Some pics from Pennsylvania of Matt Lenk, Nick Westman, and "Scotty". digical_main.htm Search Related

Mystic Skateboarding
Team from Ohio which includes Nick Edstrom, Cory Wood, Chris Wilds, and Jeremy Snyder. Search Related

Cycoflame Skate Team
"Washington-based skateboarding team with attitude." Search Related

My Skate Page
Some pictures of skateboarding in Israel. skaters.htm Search Related

loserz skateboards
Skate pics and some more from this site in Italian. Search Related

A New Kind Of Army
"Dutch skateboard crew" with pictures, movies, and more. Search Related

riverton skateboarding
Tricktips, pictures, and more. skating.html Search Related

Bolt Skate Team
Site of nine riders from Pennsylvania. "We all love to skate." mypage.html Search Related

Handycap Crew
Reportedly "have put out one movie called 'Rebuilding Mexico"'. From Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Search Related

Chrissy's Skateboarder site
Pictures, trick tips, skate logos, and more. Search Related

Natural Skate Team
"Team in Waterbury, Connecticut." Team info, videos, and some more. Search Related

Hater Skater
"Created out of sheer boredom mainly but also out of a growing frustration." From Los Feliz, California. Search Related

Christian's Website
Info about Cory Nastazio and Rodney Mullen. Search Related

Organized Khaos Skate Team
"One of allentown's finest skate teams." Sate spots and video reviews. Search Related

Bend Press WWW Machine
The blog and boardgraphics archive of Andy Jenkins and Mel Bend. Search Related

Michael Tackitt SK8 Page (dmoz)
"Includes pictures, tips and links." Search Related

Nabil's Skateboarding Site
"My personal skateboarding site, includes skate pics, sk8 winamp skin, lyrics, and more...Enjoy!" Search Related

Sk8freak1010's SkatePlace
"No fruitbooters allowed." index.html Search Related

Sacramento skate team
"A little company we like to call 5tranger5, straight out of Sacramento, California." Search Related

Battle skateboarding team
"From East Sussex in england." Some photos and more. Search Related

"The England/Leeds/Moortown based amateur skate team." Search Related

Justin and his Bros'
"Importzz", Skating pics and animations, more. 147// Search Related

Believe Team
Trick tips, team info, some photos, and more. main.html Search Related

tEaM eVoLuTiOn
A team in Diamond Bar, California. evanhater4life2002/enter_page.html Search Related

A UK based skate that "started out with its two founders Rob 'like the disease' Parkinson and Andy Brown. " Search Related

Random Skate
"Just your average skate site, ... the usual." Search Related

Convicted Skate Team
Info about the riders, some photos and other stuff. Search Related

Skate Northeast Illinois
"A site to support local skate related companies." index.html Search Related

It's Boner Time
"Skateboarding and other crap." Search Related
"Amateur skateboarding clips...also a growing archive of skateboarding pictures." From the Netherlands. Search Related

Upland Skateboards
Team info and more. Search Related

SyStem Skateboards
"Skate Team from Sheffield," UK. Search Related

Waterbury Skateboarding
Skateboard pictures and more from Waterbury Connecticut. Search Related
"Home of little ripper Jared Wagner." Search Related

My Skate Page
Rodney Mullen tribute page, "pictures of hippies skating", more. skate_page.html Search Related

Team Nightmare
Site of this Am team in Southeast Georgia. Search Related

Christian's Chronic Homepage (dmoz)
"Lots of skate and snowboard videos, links and pictures. Plus links to MP3s and lots of underground hip-hop." index.html Search Related

David's Skateboaring Page (dmoz)
"This site you should visit because it has everything from decks to bolts and rails to street skateboarding. You can also vote for your favorite board." skateboarding4 Search Related

Eric's Crazy Skate Page (dmoz)
"Includes photos, links, video reviews and skateboarding news." Search Related

Grom Sk8 Site (dmoz)
"Includes photos, links and trick tips." Search Related

Jiggy's Skate Page (dmoz)
"Tricks tips, pics, skate links, ramp plans, and more." Search Related

Luke's Skateboarding Website (dmoz)
"Pictures and links." Search Related

Skateboarding Central (dmoz)
"Includes pics, trick tips, animated pictures, and links. Make sure you stop by." Search Related

Chris' skating page.
Links to skating sites and pics of skaters. skating.html Search Related

Hunterz Skate Page 3
Decks, trucks, wheels, skate pics... "sk8 heaven!" HUNTERZSK8PAGE3.html Search Related

"Profiles, stats, and photos on various boarders" and more. Search Related

Middle Age Shred
"UK skateboarding for the older skater, 30+." Reviews, Pics, Jams, Old School, more. Search Related

The 150 Skate Crew
From Parkersburg, West Virginia. Search Related

Some trick tips, car info, and more. Search Related

Las Pezia Street Stuff
"Skateboarding and writing from La Spezia," Italy with photos and more. Search Related

Hessian Skateboard Crew
Group of skaters from Michigan's tribute to Kyle Monson. Hessianpage.html Search Related

Charge Skateboards and Apparel
"Apparel, photos, stories, links", more. Search Related

Ass-Fault Skate Team
Website for this amateur team from Pennsylvania, with pictures. Search Related

Matt's Skateboarding Page (dmoz)
"Pictures, trick tips and links." skateboarding/index.html Search Related

Skaters, Snowboarders, BMXers (dmoz)
"Picture site." Search Related

The Wurst Skate Site
Scans of skaters! // Search Related

Zea Skates
Website of young skater Zea! Search Related

Have board
"Have board, will skate... was a fan-zine that me and my brother started back around 1993 in Buffalo, New York." Search Related

Celtic Skateboarding
"The official website" on the subject. Search Related

Tri Flames
"Trick-tips, reviews, pictures" and more. triflames Search Related

Soop Skateboards
Some info about this group of friends. home Search Related

Skater Goop
Pics, reviews, the Eekual skate team, and more. skater_goop_main.html Search Related

Kyle's Skate Site
Skater profiles, videos, and more. Search Related

Distraught Team
A group of skaters. index.html Search Related

Twenty-One Skateboards
Amateur team from Springfield, Missouri. 21skateboards Search Related

Lab Rat Sk8boarding
"Site run by Jason Mascola, team rider for Magnatron Skateboards." index.html Search Related

Photos from "Puerto Rico skaters." Search Related

Spuds Site
Skate stuff, animations, funny pictures, and more. Search Related

Skate Menthol
Skate team from salisbury with "and some random photos" and stuff. Search Related

Skateaholics Anonymous (dmoz)
"Everything you ever wanted in a skateboarding site." Search Related

Skateboard City
"Over 100 trick tips, review, ramp plans, pictures, and more." Search Related

TSD Skate
Website of this group of skaters. "Approach everything as if you were going to land it first try"... Search Related

Some skateboard pictures and sequences. Search Related

Gallows Clothing
"Represents the dark side of skateboarding." Search Related

"Ams from Fort Worth Texas." Animations and more. Search Related

Marks Skate Site
"Video clips," more. Search Related

Kamikaze Skateboards UK
"For young and talented skateboarders." kamikazeskateboards2003/ homepage.html Search Related

Section Skateboards
Website of these skaters from British Columbia, Canada. Search Related

Four Set Skateboarding
"A small skate team from Mansfield," UK. Search Related

Adapt Skateboarding
Website of this am team from parts unknown. index.html Search Related

Skate Direct (dmoz)
"Trick tips, photos, links and ramp plans." main.htm Search Related
"Some old school skate pictures from the southeast and 3D ramps created on the computer" Search Related

The 900 Skateboarding
Local skater profiles and stuff. Search Related

International Skateboarding
Profile of this crew, and "about Skateboarders around the world." MainPage.html Search Related

"Absence of government; the state of society where there is no law or supreme power". Skate team originally out of Christopher Illinois. Search Related

Cann Cann Crew
"Skate crew based out of ontario, canada. ... We released our first video in 2002 sort of." Search Related

Saturday School
"Includes film of people that have purchased double tail skateboards and their accessories." Brought to you by Paul Perla. Search Related

Jason's Bad Ass Skater Page (dmoz)
"Features still and animated pictures, links, ramp plans, trick tips, games, and skater chat." Search Related

Skate Boarding (dmoz)
"Skate boarding pictures and tips." /index.html Search Related

BiA skate team
"This site was made by a local skate team in New York ... contains trick tips, an image gallery and a briefing on all the BiA skate team members." Search Related

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