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Skateboard Parks Catching On (Posted 1/26/2004)
"There's a statistical realization that more people skateboard than play baseball," says Josh Rabinowitz, publisher of, "People are looking around their cities and saying 'why are there so many baseball diamonds and nothing for skateboarders?' The demand is there." (Full Article) Search

pic Skatepark To Be Dedicated To Skateboarder Tim Brauch (Posted 1/23/2003)
Tim Brauch, one of whose skateboards is in a Smithsonian Institute Collection, will have a skatepark in Scotts Valley, California, named in his memory. (Full Article) Search

Public California Skateparks Sidestep Liability (Posted 11/15/2002)
Since the current liability bill (AB 1296) expires in January, skateparks everywhere - not just in California -could have closed without new legislation. (Full Article) Search

Seized Cash To Fund UK Skatepark (Posted 11/12/2002)
£39,000 to build a playground and skatepark in the UK comes from £11 million crime money seized by the UK Government's new Assets Recovery Agency. (Full Article) Search

Santa Cruz's Derby Park Considers Additions (Posted 11/11/2002)
Derby, built in 1979, is home to what parks officials say is the nationís oldest (operating?) skateboard park, a long concrete bowl called "The Snake." "Itís always been a question, whether we should re-do Derby," said city park planner John Akeman. "We canít alter hallowed ground, but weíll enhance and preserve it." (Full Article) Search

Funded Skatepark Seeks Home (Posted 9/30/2002)
The city of Spokane, Washington has a budget for a 10,000 square-foot, full featured skatepark. The problem is, they can't figure out where to put it. (Full Article) Search

How To Build A Canadian Skatepark (Posted 9/20/2002)
This 39-year old mom in Calgary has spent two years helping her son and their friends raise $39,000 for a skatepark-- then attracted an additional $50,000 from a grant and their province to get the park built. "The equipment arrives next week and the skate park will open days later." (Full Article) Search

Skateboard Growth Continuing In UK (Posted 9/12/2002)
About the continued popularity and public funding of skateparks in the England/the UK. (Full Article) Search

Anaheim, California to build skateboard facilities (Posted 9/11/2002)
The 2001-02 budget approved last week includes $5.75 million for expansion of the downtown central library, $3.36 million for a West Anaheim Youth Center, $70,000 for a portable downtown skateboard facility, and $300,000 for a skateboard park in Anaheim Hills. " (Full Article) Search

Drayton Valley, Canada Gets New Skatepark (Posted 9/9/2002)
The new skatepark opens after over three years of planning and fund raising. "The need for a new skateboard park became apparent when a group of young residents approached the town office with concerns about the old facility. ... Subsequent fund-raising and support from local youth, the town and Brazeau County resulted in an estimated $80,000 for the park." (Full Article) Search

1000 skateparks built in 18 months (Posted 7/15/2002)
Apparently over 1,000 skateparks have been built in the US between January '01 and July '02, with some estimating another 2,000 will be built by '04. (Full Article) Search

Love Park Reopens - Without Skateboarding (Posted 7/4/2002)
Philadelphia's world-famous park -- made famous by skateboarding-- has reopened, but skateboarding is expressly prohibited. "Plans are in the works for a new skate park." (Full Article) Search

Skatepark in design for Dade City, Florida (Posted 6/17/2002)
This article, reprinted from Florida's Saint Petersburg Times, gives a little insight into the planning and implementation of a local skatepark in Dade City, in part using fingerboards and miniature versions of the ramps. (Full Article) Search

Moraga, California Skatepark one step closer to construction (Posted 6/15/2002)
The Moraga, California city council voted 3-2 in favor of accepting an environmental report on the proposed park which stated that the noise increase to the nearest house's back yard would be "negligable". The park, which is expected to cost $240,000 to build, has been held in the planning stages "for years". (Full Article) Search

Vans Skatepark Opens in Orlando (Posted 1/16/2002)
All about the opening of the new 61,000 square foot Vans skatepark. (Full Article) Search

Skate parks growing in popularity (Posted 12/22/2001)
This article talks about the six publicly-funded skateparks currently in the Arizona Valley and mentions five more that are in the works. Anyone planning a public skatepark should read this article. (Full Article) Search Founder Interview (Posted 10/29/2001)
A career- and education-oriented interview with the founder of "According to America Sports Data, there are currently 9.3 million skateboarders under the age of 18." (Full Article) Search

Rolling out a rescue mission at the Medfield Skate Park (Posted 10/28/2001)
"The three-year-old Skate Park is due to be closed next year ... While the adults try to negotiate solutions, the skaters see the potential closing in no uncertain terms." (Full Article) Search

Skate park proposed for city of Rowlett, Texas (Posted 10/27/2001)
"The Herfurth Park pool has probably seen its last butterfly stroke and water aerobics class. City officials say it's time to fill it up with concrete and turn it over to the grinders. The Parks and Recreation Department has proposed creating a skateboard park on the site, complete with ramps, rails and half- and quarter-pipes." (Full Article) Search

Supporters hope funding falls in line for skate park in Wisconsin (Posted 10/25/2001)
"A proposed 20,000-square-foot facility for skateboarding and in-line skating may be Waukesha County's best bet for a skate park - something many youths and parents have long backed. Thanks to heavy lobbying from local youths, the proposed city budget includes $200,000 for the Wirth Park facility. A fund-raising committee would raise the rest of the money to pay for the project, which is expected to cost $257,000." /skate25102401a.asp Search Related

Tony Hawk Foundation Receives $50,000 From Activision to Finance Public Skateparks (Posted 10/25/2001)
The Tony Hawk Foundation today announced that Activision ... has donated $50,000 to the Tony Hawk Foundation (Full Article) Search

Food Lion Skatepark Celebrates Grand Opening (Posted 10/13/2001)
Festivities on Saturday, October 20 in Asheville, North Carolina to include Music and plenty of skating. (Full Article) Search

Premier and Mt. High to develop Snowskate Park (Posted 8/18/2001)
"Premier, the original and authentic manufacturer of quality snowskates, has proudly teamed up with Mountain High Resort in Wrightwood, California, to develop a snowskate park for the 2001/02 season." article.jsp?ID=1000030115 Search Related

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