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pic Review of Remedy by Capicu Productions hot! (Posted 12/30/2002)
"A short skate video based on the the everyday events of up and coming skaters in New York City… filmed over the summer of 2001." With Harold Hunter, Quim Cardona, Rodney Torres, Bobby Puleo, Kerel Roach, Geo Moya, and many others. (Full Article) Search

pic Logic Skateboard Media To Try New Approach (Posted 12/28/2002)
Logic's upcoming skateboard video productions promise to be un-numbered for the first time, and include plots to accompany the skating. (Full Article) Search

pic Chad Completes MuskaBeatz With Heavyweight Hip-Hop Crew (Posted 12/19/2002)
Chad Muska, 411 Productions, and 1212 records have announced that Chad's debut album MuskaBeatz will be on sale in skateshops starting February 11th, 2003. (Full Article) Search

Trujillo Voted Thrasher's Skater Of The Year (Posted 12/10/2002)
Tony Trujillo was voted Thasher Magazine's Skater of the year. "I just want to skate and have fun", says Tony. (Full Article) Search

Heckler Hires Lance Dalgart As Editor (Posted 12/3/2002)
Lance Dalgart has accepted the position of Executive Editor of Snow and Skateboarding at Heckler Magazine. "I am so psyched to have an opportunity like this," said Dalgart. "To be part of the future of Heckler is a dream come true." (Full Article) Search

Mullen, Thomas, others to Demo at Hollywood Complex December 7th (Posted 11/26/2002)
"Watch Rodney Mullen, Chet Thomas, Chad Fernandez, Paul Machnau, Gershon Mosley, Danny Gonzalez, Jayme Fortune, Greg Lutzka and the rest of the Globe skate team session the Hollywood Sports Park complex", Saturday December 7th, 2002. (Full Article) Search

Microsoft, Video Games, and Vans Skateparks (Posted 11/23/2002)
Some of us have to buy video games, but get this: Microsoft has paid Vans an undisclosed sum to install "XBox Lounges" at 11 Vans Skateparks around the US. (Full Article) Search

L.A. To Host Next Two X-Games (Posted 11/23/2002)
ESPN has chosen Staples Center in the City of Los Angeles as the site of the next X-Games event August 14 - 18, 2003. (Full Article) Search

88,000 Skateboard Ramps Recalled by Huffy (Posted 11/10/2002)
A Toronto company owned by Huffy is recalling about 88,000 plastic skateboard ramps because they can crack and cause riders to fall. (Full Article) Search

TransWorld Getting Redesign, 4 Collectible Covers (Posted 11/8/2002)
The January 2003 Issue of TransWorld Skateboarding promises to include a new redesign with a "Retro" logo, cleaner look and cutting edge photography. (Full Article) Search

Rhino Entertainment Producing Skateboard/Hip-hop Documentary (Posted 10/24/2002)
Skaters including Chad Muska, Kareem Campbell, Stevie Williams and Eric Koston are interviewed for a documentary directed by Cesario "Block" Montano. "Project Street" delves into the histories of the people behind the street skating movement and the impact they've had on other aspects of culture. (Full Article) Search

Jackass: The Movie Opens October 25th, 2002 (Posted 10/23/2002)
'The Jackass movie is probably not going to be remembered for its storyline. "I'd love to say there's a plot, but there isn't. It's 87 minutes of pranks and stunts - little vignettes if you will," Executive Producer Charles "Chip" Taylor says.' (Full Article) Search

Savier Launches Bi-Monthly "Industry Night" (Posted 10/22/2002)
In an effort to support skateboarders skating habits, Portland, Oregon's Savier has opened their refurnished officepark for "Industry Night" every other Wednesday evening from 7:30-10pm. (Full Article) Search

November 2nd Slalom Contest in Brooklyn by Red Bull (Posted 10/22/2002)
Tony Alva, Steve Olson and Dave Duncan will be on hand for Red Bull's Urban Waves downhill banked slalom competition in New York City's Prospect Park in Brooklyn on November 2, 2002. (Full Article) Search

Chet Thomas Joins Globe Apparel (Posted 10/22/2002)
Globe International, manufacturer of the Globe and Gallaz footwear and apparel brands, announced the addition of Chet Thomas to the Globe apparel team. (Full Article) Search

Tony's Boom Boom Huck Jam Rocks (Posted 10/15/2002)
"After Hawk, the real star of the show is the set, a $1.5 million latticework of ramps and platforms that Hawk says he dreamed up 'and drew on some napkin a few years ago.' At the center is a huge halfpipe (its big enough to park an RV on) that creates a curved canyon for Hawk and his fellow dream team of skateboard stars, which includes Andy Macdonald and Bucky Lasek." (Full Article) Search

Pierre Luc Gagnon's Technical Wizardry Amazes Canada (Posted 10/14/2002)
"While Gagnon is a flying star, there is little attitude in this skateboarder. The five-foot-10, 155-pounder projects an aura of quiet confidence on the ground, yet there is no cockiness. And even up in the air, he is all business." (Full Article) Search

Respect for Women Skateboarders (Posted 10/14/2002)
This article with quotes from Jessie van Roechoudt notes that about 11 per cent of the 3.3 million Americans who skateboard more than once a week are female. "While some skateboarders are railing against corporate branding of their subculture, women athletes remain desperate for any dollars." (Full Article) Search

Skateboarding in Portland, Oregon (Posted 10/13/2002)
While Portland may not be the first city that comes to mind when you think about skateboarding, its legendary Burnside park has drawn a lot of skaters over since 1990, and the city recently partly legalized skateboarding as a means of transportation on city streets (but not sidewalks) "between dusk and dawn". Now shoe and clothing manufacturer Savier is getting more involved with the local skate culture by putting on a competition at their warehouse. (Full Article) Search

San Diego Considers Skateboard Commuter Lanes (Posted 10/11/2002)
Interestingly, a San Diego Council member has suggested the creation of special commuter lanes for skateboarders and motorized wheelchair users. (Full Article) Search

Savier's Officepark Contest "Off the Heezy My Neezy" (Posted 10/11/2002)
All about the Savier Contest, on October 5, 2002; with contest results. (Full Article) Search

Pierre Luc Gagnon on Skateboarding (Posted 10/10/2002)
Pierre Luc Gagnon is a name you've been hearing about in association with skateboarding. This Canadian upstart now living in Carlsbad talks about the sport and industry. (Full Article) Search

Vans Triple Crown Contest Results (Posted 10/9/2002)
Winners included Austen Seaholm, Bob Burnquist, Andy Macdonald, Bucky Lasek, Omar Hassan, Chris Gentry, Brian Patch, Anthony Furlong, Pierre Luc Gagnon, Cara-Beth Burnside, Jen O'Brien, and Jessica Starkweather. (Full Article) Search

Strawberry Bowl Bash, October 19 2002 (Posted 10/3/2002)
Heckler Magazine and Red Bull will be holding the Second Annual Strawberry Bowl Bash, in Strawberry, California, on Saturday, October 19. Free Invitational Bowl Bash Contest for pros, ams, over 35's, and girls. Free to the general public. (Full Article) Search

Skateboarding not Crime; it's "Civil Forfeiture" (Posted 9/30/2002)
According to University of Wisconsin police officer Ben Newman, "Skateboarding is not a crime. It's a civil forfeiture. If a skateboarder runs away from an officer, then it becomes a crime." (Full Article) Search

Skateparks Increasingly Accepted By Communities (Posted 9/28/2002)
"Snohomish County is riding the latest national trend in civic recreation, with five city-built skate parks opening since 1998, a sixth to open next month and six more in the discussion or planning stages. ... Now entire communities are coming together to raise money for skateboard parks, to give kids a place to practice their moves without breaking local no-skating laws or damaging public and private property.

'The kids just need somewhere to go.'" (Full Article) Search

Let The Kids Skateboard! (Posted 9/28/2002)
This letter from a Canadian citizen spells out why skateboarders should get more slack: "It's pretty disgraceful that our city and its council would rather promote the most violent sport in the world by putting in two hockey arenas. ... I suppose they would be happier if the kids were all addicted to video games and doughnuts. People need to catch up, there's a new sport in town." (Full Article) Search

Globe Team Update, September 2002 (Posted 9/24/2002)
Fall, 2002 Globe update. Mentions Chad Fernandez, Danny Gonzalez, Greg Lutzka, Jayme Fortune, Matt Mumford, and many, many more... (Full Article) Search

Savier's Amateur Contest Oct 5th, Portland Oregon (Posted 9/18/2002)
Savier hosted the largest amateur skateboard contest to date in Portland on Saturday October 5, 2002. The Pacific NW Amateur Skateboard Series has been putting on contests all summer long throughout Oregon and Washington and will be filling up Savier's office park for this one. (Full Article) Search

Network Marketers Target Skateboarders, Surfers (Posted 9/18/2002)
"With corporate giants like AOL Time Warner, Nike and Sony, as well as youth-oriented retailers like Abercrombie & Fitch and Old Navy looking for ways to tap into the formidable spending power of American kids, network officials said it was only a matter of time before action sports arrived." (Full Article) Search

Hawk Makes A Wish Come True (Posted 9/18/2002)
Brandon "was born with two holes in his heart, and has spent his young life in and out of treatment for a series of heart and lung complications. ... When the organization known as A Special Wish Foundation offered to grant Brandon a wish, he didn't think twice before asking if he could meet his idol, Tony Hawk." (Full Article) Search

Hawk Catches $125K for Halftime Appearance (Posted 9/18/2002)
According to word on the street in Toronto news circles, Tony Hawk reportedly took in about $125,000 in return for his appearance at the Toronto Argonaut's game on August 23rd, 2002. (Full Article) Search

"Little Tricky", Skateboarding's New Generation Rising (Posted 9/17/2002)
Look out, future... Five-year-old Mitchie Brusco, of Kirkland Washington, with two solid years of skate experience behind him, may just be poised to be a future skateboard star. As with all child stars, the outcome remains to be seen... though we have heard that the 5-year old has his own agent. (Full Article) Search

The Pros And Cons of X-Games (Posted 9/17/2002)
As Tony Hawk sums up, "The prize money for the events hardly reflects the amount of money generated by the industry right now. It's not just ESPN. All over, the sponsorship dollars are not distributed the way they should be." And that's not all... It's big business manipulating a counter-culture all over again. (Full Article) Search

American Skateboard Politics, Dissected (Posted 9/17/2002)
Skateboarders, used to getting shooed away by shopkeepers, policemen and other representatives of the forces of civilization, are partial to the declarative bumper sticker: "Skateboarding is not a crime.' Now they might add a new proviso to that rallying cry: "It's not a huge liability risk either.' (Full Article) Search

Paris, France Takes Stand Against Skateboarding (Posted 9/17/2002)
Skateboarding and biking are popular activities for all youngsters, but ... Paris kids are having a tough time doing either one. (Full Article) Search

Skateboarding: The Sport, Explained (Posted 9/14/2002)
What are those crazy wheeled boards, anyway? This article tries to explains what skateboarding is to the uninitiated. "You might feel as if you're flying or riding the perfect wave. Maybe you just love the feel of the wind and speed. What are we talking about? Skateboarding through the streets, sidewalks, parks and ramps of America." (Full Article) Search

San Francisco Skateboarding Task Force Planned (Posted 9/13/2002)
The San Francisco Department of Recreation and parks "voted unanimously to recommend the formation of a 15-member Skateboarding Task Force. ... What skateboarders said they want is a good skate park... full of the sort of blocks, benches, ledges and steps that fill public spaces. They also want to be able to use their skateboards to get around town ... just as bikers and bladers do, without getting $75 tickets." Jymi Shores and Nikhil Thayer are mentioned. (Full Article) Search

Syndrome Distribution Monthly Update (Posted 9/13/2002)
Syndrome Distribution's Monthly Pro, Am and Company Info Update. (Full Article) Search

California Increases Child Safety, Removes Freedom (Posted 9/13/2002)
Always the leader in restrictive legislation, the state of California, led by Governer Grey Davis, has passed a law which requires all children under the age of 18 to wear a helmet at all times while riding a skateboard, scooter or inline skate. "Maryland and Rhode Island have helmet laws for children under 16 who ride scooters or in-line skate. New York and New Jersey laws apply only to children under 14. California, 12 other states and the District of Columbia have helmet laws for bike riders only." Pretty soon there will be laws that you have to wear shoes on the sidewalk and carry band-aids in your pocket! (Full Article) Search

Nike tries on Skateboard Shoes (Posted 9/12/2002)
The Skateboard Shoe market, which is increasingly important to both the industry and to fashion in general, will have a new player as Nike begins manufacturing skateboard shoes. (Full Article) Search

Kids need safe playgrounds and skateparks (Posted 9/12/2002)
Cooler heads in the Berkshires note the need for more skateboard and sports facilities for the area's youth. (Full Article) Search

Parents Grapple With Skateboard Phenomenon (Posted 9/9/2002)
Skateboarding is undergoing a continuing surge in popularity, and Pennsylvanian communities are taking note. As the article says, Skateboarders "may not be cut from the 'Leave it to Beaver' mold and the sport may scare a certain generation. But if you give it a try, it may lead to a whole new outlook on life." (Full Article) Search

Skateboard investment for fun and profit (Posted 9/9/2002)
A senior writer and trading strategist in options investing considers the Skateboard industry. (Full Article) Search

Fox spotlights GhostRiderX Deep Carve Boards September 10th, 2002 (Posted 9/9/2002)
GhostRiderX deep carve 14-wheel skateboards will be spotlighted on "Off The Wall Core Culture" airing Tuesday, September 10th at 9:30-10:30am, then again at 4:00-5:00pm and 2:00-3:00am. (Full Article) Search

Adrenaline X to debut on NBC (Posted 9/9/2002)
On the heels of Fear Factor and other popular reality shows comes NBC's "Adrenaline X", "which pits well-known extreme athletes against one another in a series of challenges". (Full Article) Search

Free Guttermouth Show September 1 at Vans Skatepark in Orange, California (Posted 8/28/2002)
Free show September 1st, 2002 at the Van's Block of Orange Skatepark in Orange, California, 2:30 to 3:30pm. (Full Article) Search

pic Tony Alva, Stacy Peralta Interviewed on hot! (Posted 7/30/2002)
Our mondo Dogtown interview with Stacy Peralta, Tony Alva, and a few other East Coasters, touching on subjects including Tommy Guerrero, Sean Penn, Gator, staying pure, Mark Gonzales, Christian Hosoi, and pool skating. (Full Article) Search

Australian Schools' Human Desire Skateboard Series (Posted 7/29/2002)
All about the 2002 Human Desire Skateboard Series, a set of skate contests in high schools across Australia. (Full Article) Search

Hawk's Skatepark Tour Televised Beginning July 29th, 2002 (Posted 7/29/2002)
Time and dates that Tony's Skatepark Tour will be aired on ESPN in July, August and September 2002. (Full Article) Search

Adio Owner K2 Reports 62% Increase in Earnings Per Share (Posted 7/25/2002)
K2, the company that owns and produces Adio footwear, reported a 62 percent increase in second quarter 2002 diluted earnings per share, as compared with the same period of the prior year, on a 10 percent rise in sales. (Full Article) Search

Steve Caballero To Rock San Jose, August 26th 2002 (Posted 7/25/2002)
Steve Caballero will perform with Andre Benjamin of Outkast and The Faction 9 p.m. Friday, August 26 2002 at The Usual in San Jose. (Full Article) Search

pic Koston and Glifberg To Promote Apple/Mac Store in LA hot! (Posted 7/25/2002)
Skateboard wizards Eric Koston and Rune Glifberg will be on hand to celebrate the grand opening of the new Apple Store at The Grove in Los Angeles. Koston and Glifberg will perform on custom built ramps located on the eighth floor of The Grove’s parking structure on Saturday, July 27 2002 from noon to 12:30pm. (Full Article) Search

Dogtown and Z-Boys DVD and Video To Be Released August 6, 2002 (Posted 7/25/2002)
All about the critically acclaimed documentary videotape and DVD coming out on August 6, 2002. Note that, compliments of Sony/Columbia Tri-Star, the DVD "may not work on a Macintosh computer". (Full Article) Search

Tony Hawk Tackles Canadian Football (Posted 7/25/2002)
Tony Hawk will appear at the Toronto Argonaut's game with the Edmonton Eskimos on Aug. 23, 2002. Hawk will give two skateboarding demonstrations before the game and one at halftime (Full Article) Search

pic Stacy Peralta Interviewed By (Posted 7/21/2002)
We had the pleasure of interviewing Stacy on Tuesday, July 16th 2002, covering topics including Tony Alva, Jay Adams, Jim Muir, the movie industry, the Dogtown and Z-Boys movie, and standardizations in, and the American subculture of, skateboarding. (Full Article) Search

Mobile Skatepark Series On ESPN2 and Fox, July-November 2002 (Posted 7/21/2002)
Some information about the Mobile Skatepark Series, an upcoming event in Maryland, and information about when the series is set to be televised on ESPN2 and Fox Sports Net. (Full Article) Search

Stoked: Gator Movie New York Screenings July 20th and 22nd (Posted 7/16/2002)
There will be work in progress screenings of Helen Stickler's documentary movie titled "Stoked: the Rise and Fall of Gator", at the New York Video Festival Saturday, July 20 and Monday, July 22, 2002 at the Walter Reade Theater in New York City. (Full Article) Search

pic Nike Presents Skateboard Backpack (Posted 7/11/2002)
Nike's new line of backpacks includes one designed to carry your stuff, stash your wheels, and strap your skateboard on securely. (Full Article) Search

Events in UK and Germany, July 5th-14th (Posted 7/5/2002)
Information about the Grand Prix of Skateboarding, the Bude Downhill Classic, and the Bristo Square Jam in the UK, and about the Hot Heels Downhill Camp & Longboard Races in Germany. (Full Article) Search

LEGO, Andy Macdonald, and CASL Connect Together (Posted 7/3/2002)
Lego and Andy Macdonald have announced a partnership to cross-promote each other in conjunction with the Bionicle product line. Our question is: where's the lego bionicle miniramp skateboard playkit? (Full Article) Search

Andy Macdonald teams with SkateWave (Posted 7/2/2002)
Andy Macdonald will promote SkateWave and be featured in their promotional materials to encourage the construction of skateparks in North America. (Full Article) Search

Jackass: The Movie Opens October 18th (Posted 7/2/2002)
About the new Jackass Movie starring Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, and company to be released October 18th by Paramount Pictures. (Full Article) Search

Skater/Actors Sought for Major Skateboarding Movie (Posted 6/29/2002)
There will be an open casting call for actor/skaters on July 14th, 2002 in Burbank, California for four lead male roles, 18-24, in an major upcoming untitled skateboard movie. (Full Article) Search

Tony Hawk: The Freedom To Fly, and Appearance in Charlotte 6/29/02 (Posted 6/28/2002)
"Tony Hawk is an unusual millionaire athlete. Although he makes his living and reputation on a skateboard, that's not why he's unusual. He's unusual because he calls at the time his publicist says he will, and is patient and courteous and utterly without pretension"... (Full Article) Search

Quiksilver to form Quiksilver Entertainment for new Union Video Channel (Posted 6/27/2002)
Quiksilver has built a popular brand around surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding, and has now formed Quiksilver Entertainment to produce TV shows, films, music and events, negotiate publishing and sponsorship deals and operate a new video-on-demand cable channel called Union. (Full Article) Search

Hollywood Sports Mega-Complex opens July 8 (Posted 6/25/2002)
All about the new Sports Facility in Bellflower, California which includes facilities for skateboarding, BMX biking, paintball games, rock climbing, volleyball, basketball, tennis, and in-line skating. Also has a slick track speedway, arcade and night club facilities. (Full Article) Search

Extreme Sports head to Mainstream (Posted 6/23/2002)
Unsurprisingly, the Sports industry at large is beginning to see that Extreme Sports are going to become an increasingly important part of the Sports that are covered by mainstream sports media outlets. (Full Article) Search

Skatepark planned for Denbighshire, Wales (Posted 6/21/2002)
"Youngsters and their parents have been campaigning for a skatepark on the outskirts of Denbigh for nearly a year. ... More than 100 children have formed a committee to deal with the scheme." (Full Article) Search

Festival Attitude European Skateboarding Cup in Montpelier, France (Posted 6/21/2002)
Street, Vert Ramp and Bowl contest, 2nd, 3rd, 4th of August 2002 Montpellier Grammont, France.

For the third consecutive year, the Attitude Festival includes a European Skateboard Cup in its program. This event on French soil brings together a selection of teams from different countries such as Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Czech republic, Spain and Great Britain. (Full Article) Search

Pennsylvania Announces Extremely Cool Contest (Posted 6/20/2002)
A little about the 2002 ESPN Summer X-Games in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, August 15th-19th, and the contest to win a trip for two to the event. (Full Article) Search

Food Lion SkatePark July Contests and Celebrations, July 4th and July 26th - 28th (Posted 6/20/2002)
The Food Lion Skatepark in Asheville, North Carolina is gearing up for two events this July: A fourth of July skateboard contest, and a Bele Chere Celebration and contest, July 26th through 28th (Full Article) Search

Lynn Cooper announces Flatlands skateboard video (Posted 6/20/2002)
All about Lynn Cooper's new movie, Flatlands. (Full Article) Search

Extreme Action Sports Expo Event Schedule (Posted 6/18/2002)
All about events taking place at the conference and expo June 21-23, 2002 in Long Beach, California. Schedule includes skateboarding, BMX, and much more from skateboard pros including Bob Burnquist, Mike Crum, Todd Richards, Danny Way, Jen O’Brien, Dylan Gardner, John Buchanan and Nate Roemer. (Full Article) Search

Tony Hawk: Skateboarder and Cultural Icon (Posted 6/18/2002)
This article, reprinted from the Boston Globe, gives a brief overview of Tony's skateboard career. Tony's career has taken him from 12-year-old Bones Brigade rookie to 14-year old pro, through the skateboard industry doldrums to the mega-limelight of today's Warped Tours, X-Games, and skateboard video games. Even through this all, Tony Hawk is clearly one of skateboarding's most positive and lasting role models, and we all owe him for that. Now if we could just stop the ads... (Full Article) Search

San Diego Rethinks Skateboarding as Transportation (Posted 6/15/2002)
According to an article run by Yahoo! and KGTV San Diego, the city council has recommended conducting a study about allowing Skateboards on San Diego sidewalks to "get people to rely less on their cars." (Full Article) Search

Events in UK, June 15-16 2002 (Posted 6/12/2002)
Info about the USD represent appearance at Playstation, Selby Skate Fest (BMX and skate) at the Abbey Leisure Centre, and the Sk8 N16 Stock Newington Festival film screening at the Rio Cinema in London. (Full Article) Search

Tony Hawk's 2002 Gigantic Skatepark Tour Schedule Announced (Posted 6/11/2002)
Tony Hawk Teams with fellow action sports athletes on a Nationwide Demo Tour June 23 through July 27. Guests to include Bucky Lasek, Eric Koston, Mike Vallely, Shaun White, Alex Chalmers, Kerry Getz and Jesse Fritsch. Tour will be televised on ESPN2 beginning July 29, 2002. (Full Article) Search

Longboard Slalom Racing in Washington, DC, June-September 2002 (Posted 6/6/2002)
Information about the "free, friendly" DC Outlaw Summer Series of longboard slaloming. (Full Article) Search

Events in UK, June 6-9 2002 (Posted 6/6/2002)
Vans, Downhill Rendez-Vous, Crossfire night, and BMX information for the UK. (Full Article) Search

Mullen Wins Readers Choice At TransWorld SKATEboarding Awards (Posted 6/6/2002)
Is it any surprise? Rodney Mullen takes the title at the Transworld Reader's Choice Award. (Full Article) Search

Bob Burnquist Skateboard Clinic for Big Brothers/Sisters at 1st Extreme Action Sports Consumer Expo June 21-23 hot! (Posted 6/5/2002)
X-Games and Gravity Games Gold Medalist and top-rated pro skateboarder Bob Burnquist will hold a private clinic for the charity organization ‘Big Brothers Big Sisters’ at the first annual Extreme Action Sports (EAS) consumer expo sponsored by AT&T June 21-23 at the Long Beach Convention Center. (Full Article) Search

Lozin Skatewerks Introduces Lozin Truck Sliders (Posted 6/4/2002)
Lozin's got a new product to make skateboarding more fun and less destructive: Truck Sliders. (Full Article) Search

Spire Clothing Metro Handrail Challenge #2 (Posted 4/2/2002)
Skateboard contest in Melbourne, Australia on April 11 2002. Sponsored by Spire clothing. (Full Article) Search

First Annual Extreme Action Sports Consumer Show Sponsored by AT&T Wireless (Posted 3/15/2002)
The first-ever Extreme Action Sports Show will be held in Long Beach Convention Center during June 21-23, 2002. (Full Article) Search

Globe World Cup Skateboarding Contest To Air On Fox Sports Net (Posted 3/15/2002)
Globe World Cup Skateboarding will lead off the launch of EX TV, an hour-long action sports series, March 18 at 4 p.m. (PST/EST) on Fox Sports Net. Globe World Cup Skateboarding showcases the world's best skaters in the opener of the 2002 World Cup circuit, and features an onslaught of skaters, including Chet Thomas, Eric Koston, Rune Glifberg, Ryan Sheckler, Renton Millar, Bucky Lasek, Rick McCrank and Bob Burnquist. Over 100 pros take over Melbourne, Australia's Rod Laver Arena for a piece of the $56,000 prize purse and one of three new Ford vehicles up for grabs. (Full Article) Search

Human Desire National Schools Skateboard Series, Australia (Posted 3/12/2002)
"The Human Desire National Schools Skateboarding Series is currently the largest amateur skateboarding series of its kind in the world." Free skateboarding demos in Australian schools April, May, and June 2002. (Full Article) Search

Skate Films at New York Underground Film Festival (Posted 3/7/2002)
This year’s NYUFF skateboard program mixes new independent work with two highly influential, hard-to-find classics from 1991. With the close of 2001 bringing recession and war, Wheels of Change looks at skateboarding’s reaction to similar circumstances a decade ago, as the sport went underground and reinvented itself on its own terms. The D.I.Y. style of skater-directed team videos from the early 90s laid the groundwork for today’s indie skate documentary and video directors. Also included are some short contemporary films that shed light on skate culture today. (Full Article) Search

Stoke Newington Festival Skate Event Being Planned (Posted 3/7/2002)
Stoke Newington Festival (UK) is intending to produce its second annual Skate Event (in June 2002) as part of a larger Festival for Youth Culture. (Full Article) Search

Andy Macdonald Co-Hosts Nickelodeon's Maximum Rocket Power Games (Posted 3/7/2002)
Pro skater Andy Macdonald will join Nickelodeon Games and Sports' Mati Moralejo to host the first-ever Maximum Rocket Power Games. (Full Article) Search

Partnership brings World Extreme Games To VHS & DVD (Posted 3/7/2002)
European publishing group Escapi Media BV has joined forces with Extreme Group, the broadcaster, distributor and producer of sports programming, to release a comprehensive record of the World Extreme Games (WEG) (Full Article) Search

Dogtown and Z-Boys Online Contest (Posted 2/15/2002)
The contest asks users to answer questions about skateboarding and the film which comes out on April 26th. Users can win prizes from Spitfire, Volcom, Independent, Vans and more. See article for details! (Full Article) Search

TV Schedule for ESPN Winter X Games VI in Aspen (Posted 1/31/2002)
Snowboarding, skiing, snowmobile and MotoX action February 1-5 on ESPN and ABC. (Full Article) Search

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