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2002 Archive (93)

pic Third Annual Mountain Dew Mind Games Nationals Pro Skate Tour (Posted 12/28/2001)
"Sponsored By; Mountian Dew, Slam, SMP, Banta, DOGTOWN & Z-BOYS, Arnette, Caribee, Vita, Xbox, STA Travel, Creative Vibes & Thrustmaster's Freestyler Board." .. Winners receives a whopping $10,000 in (overall) Prize Money, plus the grand prize winner gets a trip to Los Angeles USA. Competition takes place Sunday 6th January 2002. See full article for pictures. (Full Article) Search

MTV Reaches Deal With Knoxville (Posted 12/22/2001)
MTV has reached a deal with Johnny Knoxville to develop a feature film version of his prank show ``Jackass,'' which brought the cable channel some of its biggest ratings - and biggest criticism. ... `When we first uncovered the creative genius of the underground skateboard mentality of 'Jackass,' we knew it would resonate with our young adult audience,'' Brian Graden, MTV's president of programming, said this week in a statement. (Full Article) Search

Beyond 2002 Event to take place April 12-14 in Bicentennial Park, Miami, Florida (Posted 12/10/2001)
Beyond 2002 is a three-day Music and Extreme Sports Festival planned for April 12-14, 2002 in Miami, Florida. Headlining acts to be announced. (Full Article) Search

Skateboarding Memorabilia From Top Pros to be Auctioned on Ebay (Posted 12/10/2001)
Items from Tony Hawk, Andy Macdonald, and others up for bid to benefit the United Professional Skateboarders Association. (Full Article) Search

pic Shortys Skateboards Presents: "Guilty" (Posted 12/5/2001)
Shortys new skateboard video, due in stores December 10th, 2001, features Jesse Silvey, Steve Olson, Brandon Turner, Chad Muska, Toan Nguyen, Sam Baptista, and Peter Smolik. (Full Article) Search

2001 Vans Triple Crown Series Television Schedule: December 8th - December 23, 2001 (Posted 12/3/2001)
Showtimes of the XBox World Championships of Skate, BMX and Snow, December 8th, 22nd, and 23rd, respectively. (Full Article) Search

Green skating to WB Network for New Skateboarding Series (Posted 12/3/2001)
Broadcast television will never be the same after Tom Green's new show on skateboarding airs on the WB network... (Full Article) Search

Hawk Skates to Disney (Posted 11/30/2001)
Tony Hawk has sold the rights to his autobiography to Disney, but don't expect a movie until at least 2003. (Full Article) Search

Vans team riders to appear at California locations on November 23rd (Posted 11/19/2001)
Vans pros to appear at various California locations to meet fans and sign autographs in November 23rd. Expected riders include Jill Jacobs, Cara Beth Burnside, Ray Barbee, Terry Kennedy, Salman Agah, Alan Petersen, Omar Hassan, Evan Hernandez, Kristian Svitak, and Jason Adams. See article for time and location details. (Full Article) Search

pic Andy Macdonald releases signature model Swatch and Tech Deck collectables (Posted 11/16/2001)
Andy Macdonald and Swatch have teamed up to offer a yellow and aluminum analog watch bearing a silhouette of Andy Macdonald performing a "Japan Air" on the face. In addition, Andy has teamed with the manufacturers of Tech Deck to create "Andy Macdonald's Big Air Straight Jump play set and the Andy Macdonald Brigade miniature skateboard." (Full Article) Search

Vitaminic Coverage of Tommy Guerrero (Posted 11/6/2001)
Coverage of his "electronique/dance / trip-hop" album "A little bit of somethin'". (Full Article) Search

Globe Shoes Premiers 'Opinion' (Posted 11/6/2001)
All about the movie opening in Los Angeles on October 30th, 2001. Text and pictures. /article/0,23271,199936,00.html Search Related

pic Skate Legends book to be released hot! (Posted 11/3/2001)
Upcoming release of 'Skate Legends' by Michael Brooke, with photos by Lynn Cooper". Site includes small profiles of many 'legendary' skaters including Pierre Andre, Steve Caballero, Primo Desiderio, Tony Hawk, Christian Hosoi, Lester Kasai, Allen Losi, Tony Magnusson, Rodney Mullen, Steve Olson, Duane Peters, and Per Welinder. Michael Brooke is also the author of the book "The Concrete Wave", and Cooper Productions is a "Colorado-based skate distribution company." (Full Article) Search

Metroactive Feature: Modern Skateboarding (Posted 11/2/2001)
An interesting article about a view on skateboarding in San Jose, California, circa 2001, and more. ... "More Americans rode skateboards last year than played baseball." (Full Article) Search

pic DNA Skateboards' Premier of "Continuum" (Posted 10/29/2001)
Premiering November 9th at the Carlsbad Village Theatre. Admission Free! (Full Article) Search

Does ABEC Rating Affect the Amount of Friction Produced by a Skateboard Bearing? (Posted 10/27/2001)
Short answer: yes it does, but you cannot compare ABEC ratings between bearings produced by different manufacturers. (PDF file) 478527_does_abec_rating_affect.pdf Search Related

The Physics of the Ollie (Posted 10/27/2001)
"To pull off spectacular tricks, crafty skateboarders bend the laws of physics." All about the physics and history of the Ollie, the Frontside 180, "Big Air", and the 900-degree flashpoint. (Full Article) Search

In 'Skate,' moral underpinnings buried under bone-crushing stunts (Posted 10/27/2001)
" 'Skate' is a television show dedicated to one teen-age cultural subgroup: the skaters. Skateboarding isn't quite the thing in other parts of the country that it is on the West Coast (where all of life begins, if you're a TV producer). But never mind, the concept holds. Skating kids are just as passionate about their activity as any football player -- they just don't get the same unending financial support from their parents or school districts." (Full Article) Search

Bam Margera now representing Clive (Posted 10/23/2001)
"Clive is pleased to announce the addition of Bam Margera to the team. Bam will use Clive's wide variety of comfortable skateboard backpacks and travel gear in all of his world travels." (Full Article) Search

CPSC, World Industries announce recall of Skateboard Helmets (Posted 10/20/2001)
"In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), World Industries Inc., of Huntington Beach, Calif., is voluntarily recalling 10,000 skateboard helmets. ... This recall is being conducted to prevent the possibility of injuries." prhtml01/01220.html Search Related

3rd Annual Tim Brauch Memorial Contest (Posted 10/20/2001)
"Family, friends, and fans of Tim Brauch came together on Saturday October 13, 2001 at the Milpitas Vans Skatepark near Tim's hometown of San Jose to skate and pay tribute to him in the way they believe he'd appreciate most--they skated their guts out for a day." Contest results and article by Miki Vuckovich. (Full Article) Search

pic Bouncing Souls and Suicide Machines to appear at Vans skateparks hot! (Posted 10/16/2001)
Information about the bands' scheduled appearances in California, New Jersey, Virginia, Arizona, and Georgia, October 19 through November 23, 2001. (Full Article) Search

TransWorld SKATEboarding Videoradio Documentary Coming (Posted 10/16/2001)
(Full Article) Search

Gravity Games on NBC, October 7th through November 25th (Posted 10/15/2001)
The Gravity Games' special blend of skateboarding, motocross, wakeboarding and more is being broadcast this fall on NBC, see article for showtimes. (Full Article) Search

"Dogtown and Z-Boys" Public Movie Screenings October - November 2001 (Posted 10/13/2001)
The movie "Dogtown and Z-Boys" will be having public screenings in Denver, Chicago, Florida, and California October through November of 2001 and is expected to be released in US theatres in April of 2002. (Full Article) Search

ESPN Tony Hawk Week - Hawk TV Schedule (Posted 10/13/2001)
Schedule of dates and times of Tony Hawk shows on ESPN and ESPN2 October 9th - December 19, 2001. (Full Article) Search

Nickelodeon Extreme Sports Athelete Audition October 14, 2001 (Posted 10/13/2001)
Nickelodeon needs skilled athletes for its live version of "Rocket Power". "Rocket Power Live," a new, extreme sports, national arena tour is holding an open casting call for professional athletes. Auditions October 14, 2001 at the Vans Orange County Skatepark, (Full Article) Search

Torres Wins Back-To-Back All Girl Skate Jam & Results (Posted 10/13/2001)
"Under the shadows of the Brooklyn Bridge, fifteen-year old Vanessa Torres won her second All Girl Skate Jam event, the All Girl Skate Jam presented by BC Footwear. The event took place Sunday, July 22nd at New York's South Street Seaport in conjunction with the Panasonic Shockwave Core Tour. ..." (Full Article) Search

World's Best Take Center Stage at Xbox World Championships of Skateboarding (Posted 10/13/2001)
Salabanzi Takes Overall Street Title; Burnquist Soars to Vert Title. All about the third and final stop of the Van's Triple Crown of Skateboarding. The event will also be broadcast on NBC Sports on December 8 at 5:00 p.m. EST as part of NBC's ongoing coverage of the Vans Triple Crown Series. (Full Article) Search

pic "Dogtown and Z-Boys" movie accepted to the Toronto International Film Festival hot! (Posted 8/10/2001)
Stacy Peralta's movie narrated by Sean Penn is making its way to theatres in America. "Stacy Peralta (Director, Co-Writer) is an original Z-Boy and is considered one of the founding fathers of modern skateboarding." US movie release expected in Spring 2002. (Full Article) Search

A Performative Critique of the American City: the Urban Practice of Skateboarding, 1958-1998 (Posted 5/19/2001)
About skateboarding, cities, and urban culture. An amazing essay by Iain Borden on the interrelationship between cities and skateboarding, in which the author seeks to "focus on the compositional and representational mode of skateboarding, to consider how it represents the city without maps, and how it speaks something of the city, without recourse to theory or texts." Quote this in your term paper and make your teacher happy. (Full Article) Search

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