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SkateTalk Insider News:
Powell Team News, December 2003
(Posted 12/13/2003)

(Provided by SkateOne. Edited by Josh Rabinowitz for

According to Powell....
Danny Wainwright is home in England where he recently had some bits of his artwork featured in an Art Exhibition set up by local artists at a old cemetery house in the town of Bath. Danny pasted up some cat paws and hung some paintings. The display was up from November 10-24, 2003.

Danny also won a contest in London recently, making that five 1st places in a row for D-Wubs in the euro contest scene. Nice one mate! Danny was in New York for a week holiday with his bird KT, but is back now and skating in Bristol.

Jon Comers' foot broke off! As it has many times before, Jon's foot broke off recently. He drove 4 hours to Houston to attend the make a wish benefit at south side skatepark. As soon as he got there and started ripping, his (prosthetic) foot broke off his leg. So he hung out a little while, then drove back to Dallas, Texas. He has been skating around a lot with his son Gabe skating on his walking foot, which isn't as strong as his skating foot, so he has been getting his flatland stuff wired. Is Jon on Savier? Find out next time.

Steve Caballero raced in the Skatercross, an event where Pro Moto racers and Pro skateboarders converge for three days of dirt, mud, and transition. Steve Caballero and Salman Agah (who are both veterans of the Supercross Crossover Challenge at Anaheim) were the driving force behind this.

Rodney Jones had a hurt abdominal muscle for about 3 1/2 weeks. While he was hurt, Rod Nek sealed the deal with getting on Savier shoes and getting an ad that is out right now. Then he drove up to Los Angeles In his VW to compete in the World Championships to hold down 20th out of 26, and a cool $1,000. He was on fire that day! He's also been linking up with his new friends at sun diego and skating all the new spots in S.D. You can also check out Rod Dog's video clips on Tony Hawks Underground game in the teaser section under Billabong. It shows a couple clips of the Billabong euro tour! Also, Rodney just lost a bet with Chad Bartie in which Rodney will grow a Mullet! And lastly, Rodney won the first round of the Bolt Cutter Project which is a contest series from Deluxe which real skateboarding happens at real skatespots. They did 4 Cities. RJ won the Oceanside bolt cutter contest, which was on the Mirimar hubba. More info is expected in Thrasher magazine soon.

Pat Channita went to what he called a pretty lame event, the World Championships In LA. There he got 14th place and 1,000 bucks. That isn't too lame. He also went on a quick trip to St. Louis for a skate demo. He's been trying to film, but as always, there are obstacles that sometimes stop him. Maybe Pat will snap and put down some Brazilian jujitsu moves on the security guards around town.

Oliver Buchanan wants you all to know that he is a "playa' fo' real" and despite what it says about him in his story he is a ladies' boy, err man. He is recovering nicely from his ACL surgery and can't wait to start ripping it up in a few months. While Oliver has been hurt, he's been hyping up his best homie Robbie Kurtz who has been friends with ollie since before Ollie had a fire crotch. We got Robbies' video and now he's on Powell flow. Oliver wants to give all his coverage to Robbie while he is hurt. Robbie lives in Phoenix, Arizona, but comes to California as much as he can. He looks like the 3rd Zattoni brother, doesn't he?

Jordan Hoffart worked a bunch the last few months saving up some cash so he could get on a road trip down south. J-Ho is currently on that voyage. Him and 6 friends started in Vancouver and drove down to Southern California, stopping along the way to skate. They trekked down to Carpinteria, CA to meet up with TM Olsen and Aaron Perko for some skating around Santa Barbara, then they worked their way back up north. Jordan will be in the movie Blade 3, where he will be doing acting as well as stunts on his skateboard. Should be wacky, stay tuned for more info.

Tyler Hansen has been healing from a little rib injury, but he is ready to get shready! Check out Tylers' kicky back smith in his am feature in the new Jan 2004 issue of Slap. Dir-T also got a new billabong ad in the Feb TWS with a big euro back lip. Tyler will have a full part in the upcoming Krux video, called "Blown Out" due in April.

Aaron Perko was sick with the flew for a few days. Otherwise he's been out filming and trying to get all his footy together to give to Osiris and Ezekiel to hopefully move from flow status to am. He will also have a part in a new Shorty's Hardeware video, along with his canadian co-hort J-Ho. Look for Perkalators' Powell ad in the March TWS, as well as a 2pg Venture ad in SLAP and a seq in a upcoming Thrasher from the damn am contest at Volcom.

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