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SkateTalk Insider News:
Bam Margera 'takes over' 411VM #61
(Posted 10/15/2003)

(By Josh Rabinowitz for, based on information provided by 411VM.)

Fountain Valley, California: The 'best-selling skateboard video in the world' has teamed with Bam Margera for its 61st issue.

Writer, director, actor, and professional skateboarder Margera is 'in front of the camera from beginning to end' in his role as the host of the issue. Also featured are cameos of his friends, and a profile of Bam comprised of a 'full skating part' and an in-depth look into his life. Skateboard spot checks include FDR park, and Bam with the Adio team on a road trip to Germany.

Enigmatic figure Jason Dill also graces this issue, not to mention Controlled Chaos including Chet Childress, Pat Smith, Steve Nesser and Mike Peterson. The video also documents Tony T. and Omar Hassan on the concrete at the annual Quiksilver Bowlriders Contest from Marseille, France, and footage from the Damn Am contest from 3rd Lair Skatepark in Minneapolis, MN, a Spot Check at Borderline Skatepark in West Chester, Pennsylvania, and a full part from the Midwest Master Of Disaster, VENOM. This issue's Trick Tip has Salman Agah dissecting handrail boardslides with guest Jim Gagne.

Also included with issue #61 is a free "Bam Bonus Disc" with "all-new content" including MTV’s “European Campus Invasion” in Germany, CKY “Random Friday” from West Chester, PA, “Slapless In Seattle” with Bam slapping the crap out of a bunch of kids, and Element demo/CKY concert from NJ, Bam’s Wheels Of Fortunes (issue 7, BO1), Day In The Life (35), Pro Setup (56), Element East Coast Road Trip (44), Element Australia Skatepark tour (51), a few of Bam’s commercials from Adio and Element, and more.

Bam Margera was born on September 28th, 1979 in Westchester, Pennsylvania, and began skateboarding in 1988. He rose to fame with his appearances with Johnny Knoxville in the MTV show and movie, Jackass. He also appeared in the 2003 movie Grind. Bam's brother Jess plays drums in the band Camp Kill Yourself, whose music has appeared in numerous skateboard videos.

Launched in 1993, 411 pioneered the concept of the skateboarding video magazine, and claims to have since sold over one million copies of 411 titles and become the "number one video-content provider in the action-sports industry". 411 produces 411VM Skateboarding, 411VM Snowboarding, 411VM BMX, 411VM Surfing, and ON Video Skateboarding video magazines, as well as distributing other video productions and providing content over VHS, DVD, Internet, and television.

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