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SkateTalk Insider News:
Powell Team Update and Warehouse Sale, August 2003
(Posted 8/16/2003)

(Provided by SkateOne. Edited by Josh Rabinowitz for

Steve Caballero - "Not much since I've been hurt and recovering from the staph infection. Just been laying low doing some painting and writing songs on my home studio for a new solo project I want to put out that's all sound track instrumental music. Will be going to Woodward skatecamp and I have a Faction show coming up next month at Slims in San Francisco on August 17th. The Oceanside Triple Crown contest on the 27th of August. The Tim Brauch memorial bowl contest on Oct. 11th at the Milpitas Vans skatepark and a possible vacation to Mexico in Oct. Just finished working on photos for the new box layout for a new signature helmet for Protec."

After a long few months on the road, Jon Comer is now done with the Warp tour for the summer. He will be coming out to California to shot a photo for the cover of Big Brother, in which he will have an interview. What will be on the cover? Arr, matey, you'll just have to wait and see.

Rodney Jones did the contest thing this summer, and Danny Wainwright apparently sent Powell multiple e-mails this summer reporting that Rodney was killing it at the European contests. His best placing was 6th at the Dortmund, Germany contest. As he was leaving Europe to come home, he was hanging out in the airport, buying some neck hair, and he didn't realize his flight was boarding. Because it was an international flight, he had to be there a half hour before departure, and he missed it by a few minutes, and thus he was denied entrance to the plane. He was bummed, because all his luggage was on the flight. He ended up having to hang out for 3 more days with no luggage, spending the $600 he won in Dortmund to pay for his mistake. Better pay attention next time, red neck. Rodney isn't complaining though because he has a Venture ad out right now and is now on Savier shoes. Rodney will be at the X-Games park contest for the first time, and at the Gravity Games in September. He will also be on the second half of the D-Tour sponsored by Fuel and Skateboarder Magazine.

Pat Channita also was in Europe skating this summer. He has a few Channitaesque buttery sequences in the new Big Brother, as well a nice still in Strength. You may have caught some trick tips from Pat that were on MTV. He was flown to NY for the day, picked up in a limo, and he hung out at MTV and skated for a bit, then came back. He will be in the X-Games park contest so keep and eye out, then Gravity Games in September.

Danny Wainwright also did the European contests, which aren't too far from him in jolly old England. Danny won the best trick contest not once, but twice! In Italy and in Prauge, with a kick flip back lip. Anthony Claraval aka The Neck is hanging with D-Wain to film for 411 Europe. Danny should be making his way out to America to hang with TM Olsen hopefully soon.

Powell AMS

From the beach town of Carpinteria, CA comes 20 year old Aaron Perko. Aaron has been ripping it up for a long time and being that he skates with and is hommies with TM Olsen, it is only natural that he came to Powell. Aaron has lived near Santa Barbara his whole life. His first boards he rode were Powell and he even skated at the Skate Zone back in the day. Aaron brings his tech skills to Powell, and living in the same town as TM Olsen can't be a bad thing. Look for a Venture ad with Aaron soon. He rides for Powell, Bones Wheels, Venture Trucks, Ezekiel Clothing, Shorty's Hardware, Black Panthers, and Osiris Flow.

Oliver Buchanan was out in California for a month with TM Olsen. He didn't get crap done though, because 5 days before he left for California from Salt Lake, Utah, he tweaked his knee trying to switch flip boardslide a rail. He went to the emergency room the day after, and the Doctor on call said he would be fine in a week, there was no permanent dammage. After a week California, it was not better. Oliver chilled down at hellrose with his hommies, and after another week his knee was not better. His last week, Oliver went to the Visalia YMCA skate camp with TM Olsen, Jordan Hoffart, and Aaron Perko where they skated with the campers and enjoyed the nature. Oliver did a nollie flip nose slide on a hubba, but his knee was still bothering him. Even the camp Doctor said his knee would be ok. When he got home to the Salty Lake, he got an MRI and it turns out he had torn his ACL which is way worse than he thought. So he might be getting surgery, we will keep you posted. Did you see his Powell ad? Got Dam that was crazy!

Jordan Hoffart has been lurking with TM Olsen for a month too. They have been getting kicked out of all kinds of cool spots. Jordan has been taking care of business though. He is staying down in San Diego with friend and filmed Drew Doran. Jordan, along with Tyler Hansen and Aaron Perko came to the H.U.S.H. Event. Don't know what H.U.S.H. is? See

Tyler Hansen went to Europe this summer with Billabong. Tyler is in love with Morrissey (in a pure non-sexual way mind you) so it was great for him to see the places that Morrissey sings about. He ripped it up, and will have photos in a Skateboarder article soon featuring this trip. He also has a 'ssssick' billabong ad this month.

The entire team is planning to get together in Santa Barbara this fall.

Powell has announced that they will be having a warehouse sale on August 23rd, 2003. 8a-2pm. Blemished and discontinued wheels will be $10.00 a set, blemished and discontinued decks will be $17.00 - $30.00. Longboards, bearings, hats, griptape and more will be on sale as well, and all sales will be final.

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