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SkateTalk Insider News:
Allstar Invitational Skateboard Contest, May 23 2003
(Posted 5/13/2003)

(By Josh Rabinowitz for

Chatsworth, California: Smartbomb Entertainment has announced that it has booked some of the world's top professional skateboarders for the SmartBomb Allstar Invitational, to take place at the Northridge Skatepark in Northridge, California at 5pm on May 23rd, 2003.

Apparently Smartbomb has invited skateboard celebrities Chris Gentry, Kareem Campbell, Mike Crum, Tas Pappas, Mike Taylor, Omar Hassan, and Paul Rodriguez, as well as Bobby Rodriguez, Jereme Rogers, Tommy Clark, Mike Davirro, Mat Miko, "Spanky", Joey Suriel, Jeff Ferris, Kevin Taylor, Fabrizio Santos. Also expected are members of skateboard teams including Shorty's, Guerilla Union, Val Surf, Whitesands, 118, GRIND, and Chocolate. Many of the atheletes expected to be present have competed in the XGames, Gravity Games, SLAM CITY JAM, Warped Tour, Cochella, Smoke Out, and SBE's Butler Invitational.

In addition to skateboarding, this "full on skateboarding showcase" is set to feature punk bands and rap artists incluing "Fuse, All or Nothing, Dreams to Ashes, Mr. KANE, Livio, DJ Alias, SMARTBOMB, G Ballen and Chris Gentry himself," live and on stage.

Organizers say that over two thousand dollars worth of complete skateboards will be raffled off at the event, and thousands of dollars more in free decks, wheels, trucks, bearings clothes and products will be given to the spectators. Promoters hope to have "a positive influence on the skateboarding industry" with the event, which is also intended to help support organizations including SPAUSA, the ASF, the Professional Riders Organization, and ZOO Ministries, along with "the entire skateboarding culture".

All amateur skaters are invited to skate and participate in this event, but space is limited. Pros and Amateurs will have specific skating areas to show off their skills.

Rob Smart, President of Smartbomb Entertainment, says that the event is to be covered by Fox Sports 54321, along with Telemundo's AdrenalinaTV, which together will broadcast portions of the event to over 500,000 viewers nationwide. Rob organized the event with the Northridge Skatepark in early April, as part of his decision to promote Chris Gentry and friends along with Los Angeles punk and rap artists. In his own words, Rob seeks to create an atmosphere that is both "athlete and celebrity friendly while delivering cutting edge entertaining to Southern California residents."

Says Rob: "We do this for the love of skateboarding, action sports and music" SBE believes that "it's all about the athletes, it starts with the athletes and it ends with the athletes," and is working on developing the skill of "capturing the audience and guiding them through the journey that fulfills their dreams."

Northridge Skatepark and Skate Camp is located at 9305 Shirley Avenue, Northridge, California 91325, and can be contacted at (818) 341-4758.

Update: As of 9/15/2003 Smartbomb Entertainment reports that it is out of business and "has no employees, and no assets, and is no longer conducting any business activities."

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