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SkateTalk Insider News:
Lyn-Z Adams/Hawkins Interview: Skateboarding's Next Generation
(Posted 4/7/2003)

(By Josh Rabinowitz for

Josh: How are you doing today?

Lyn-Z: I'm doing good, I'm just doing some schoolwork.

J: Cool. So how did you get into skateboarding?

L: I got into skateboarding because when I was like two my dad got my brother and I skateboards for Christmas. But then we didn't really do much with that, until when I was six, when my brother bought me a membership to the Encinatas YMCA for my birthday. And that's kind of how it all started.

J: So you started skating pretty much when you were about six?

L: Yeah. But I didn't really do anything besides like drop in, until about three years ago when I went to the All Girl Skate Jam.

J: I see. So that was your first (time), like, really even trying to skate?

L: Yeah, pretty much. Then I kind of thought, "Wow, I could be good at this. These other girls are good at it." So I started trying harder.

J: Who were the other girls that kind of inspired you?

L: Well, I didn't really talk to much of anyone besides Beau (sp?) who is Cara-Beth Burnside's niece, because I had CB shoes on and she was like "Oh, those are my Aunt's shoes," and I was like, "No they're not, they're mine."

J: What kind of shoes? (I didn't really understand that she meant "Those are my aunt's signature shoes.")

L: Vans.

J: Oh. I see. How'd you place in that first contest?

L: I didn't even stay for my second run for that contest, because I didn't-- I didn't know to? Not enough. But it was fun and that's an important side of me to keep trying to get better.

J: Right on. So I heard you're going to Australia next week?

L: Yeah. I'm going to Australia for the Globe and Gallaz World Cup Contest. I've never been to Australia so it'll be fun.

J: I guess it's summer over there now.

L: Yeah. But, uh, the plane ride won't be too fun, because it's like fourteen to eighteen hours or something like that?

J: Yeah. Are you flying direct?

L: I'm not sure.

J: You'll probably have fun, you'll be with the team and stuff.

L: I think a lot of them will be already gone or flying out of somewhere else. I'm not sure.

J: Do you watch skateboarding videos a lot?

L: Yeah.

J: If someone asked you what was your favorite scene from a skateboard video of all time, what would you say?

L: Um, oh that's hard. I don't really--

J: Maybe you can just list a few.

L: I don't watch them all the time. Um... Well, I like Tony (Hawk)'s part in the "The End" Video, the Birdhouse video. When he's like the Bullfighter or whatever? Because I like skating Vert, and it's sick what he's (doing), it's just crazy.

J: If you could be any animal, what animal would you be?

L: I think I'd be a monkey, because, I don't know, they climb, and they've got a big tail that they can hang from things with.

J: Have you ever seen the skateboarding monkey?

L: Yeah. I want to skate with him.

J: Who do you like to skate with?

L: I like skating with lots of different people. I really like skating with other girls. But when I'm just at my home park, I like skating with this kid Taylor Smith. Because he's like 8, and so I don't want him to show me up, and then I'm a girl and he doesn't want me to show him up. And so we kind of compete. And he's really good so I like skating with him. It pushes me to be better.

J: What tricks are you working on these days.

L: I don't know. Not like anything big, but I'm just trying to get my skills a lot better so that I can learn better tricks, and turn pro.

J: What's the best trick you can do?

L: I don't know. It's really hard to say what my best trick is, because I don't just skate street or vert or bowls or whatever. I just skate everything.

J: Well what is your favorite trick to do then?

L: My favorite trick to do... is probably... layback airs.

J: Cool. Right on. Is there any question that you'd like me to ask?

L: Not really.

J: OK. Is there anybody that you'd like thank?

L: I'd like to thank... my brother, for getting me into skateboarding. And my mom and dad for driving me everywhere, to skate and all kinds of stuff, and my sponsors for believing in me, and sending me places, to skate!

J: Any last words, any notes for the reader?

L: I almost had something for that, but I forgot what I was going to say. (Pause) All you got to do is believe in yourself, and you can do whatever you want.

Selected Lyn-Z Adams appearance and contest history (according to Lyn-Z's mom):

Feb.22, 2003 -- Next Cup La Mesa, CA-- 6th place-- boys street division

Feb. 16, 2003 -- Globe International World Cup Melbourne, Australia-- Pro womens street 12th place

Jan. 28, 2003-Skatewave San Diego, CA Womens Street Open -- 3rd place

Dec. 28-30, 2002-Reef International Skate Contest Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico--1st place boys division

Dec. 14, 2002...Next Cup finals Point X Camp, Temecula, CA--4th place for the year going into finals, 2nd place in the finals boys division       

Nov. 24, 2002...Basic Pool Contest Southern California -- 6th place womens pool

Nov.10, 2002...Hollywood Skate Park, Bellflower, CA -- 1st place womens street, 2nd place womens vert

Nov. 9, 2002...Next Cup Simi Valley, Ca -- 7th place boys division street

Oct. 25, 2002...Damn Am, Volcom, Costa Mesa, Ca....Mens Vert -- 21st place mens vert

Oct. 19, 2002...Next Cup Ventura, CA -- 6th place boys division street

Oct. 3, 2002...Vans Triple Crown #3 Oceanside, Calif -- Pro Ladies Bowl Jam -- 5th place, Pro Ladies street finals -- 6th place

Sept 21, 2002...Next Cup Rippon California -- 1st place boys street

Sept. 8, 2002...All Girls Skate Jam Huntington Beach California -- 1st place amateur street

August 17, 2002...X Games Philly, Pennsylvalia -- Womens Pro Vert Demo-- Womens Pro Street Demo

August 4, 2002...Huntington Beach, Calif V-Bowl Pro Ladies Bowl--6th place

July 21, 2002...All Girl Skate Jam New York, NY-- 1st place amateur street for the second year

July 13, 2002...Mountain Dew contest Vans Orange, CA-- 2nd womens street

July 12, 2002...Vans Warped Tour vert contest Los Angeles--top 10 mens contest

June 23, 2002...All Girl Skate Jam Venice Beach, Calif-- street...4th place

June 9, 2002...Mervyn's Beach Bash Pro womens Contest, Hermosa Beach California Pro LadiesV-Bowl--2nd Place

May 12, 2002...Sound and the Fury Seattle, Washington--womens street 5th

May 5, 2002...Slam City Jam PRO Ladies contest--vert 4th place, street 5th place

April 13, 2002... Next cup Irvine, Calif.-- 16th out of 40 boys

March 30, 2002...X-treme contest, Las Vegas, Nevada,4th place in boys contest

March 16, 2002...Next Cup Yuma, Arizona 7th out of 30 boys

February 23, 2002...Next Cup YMCA Chula Vista ,Calif,3rd out of 30 boys

December 1, 2001...The Next Cup Finals, Olie House Temecula, California -- 15 out of 30 boys

November 17, 2001...The Next Cup. Osiris Warehouse-- 13th out of 30 boys

November 3, 2001...The Next Cup, Mission Valley, Calif--10th out of 40 boys

October 27, 2001...The Next Cup, Diamond Bar, Calif -- 3rd in the girls division

October 13, 2001...The Next Cup, Skate Lab, Simi Valley, Calif-- boys division 17 out of 29

October 4 & 5, 2001...Vans Tripple Crown...Oceanside, Calif--Pro Womenís Sol Bowl....5th out of 7 women,Pro Womenís Street.... 8th out of 12

September 22, 2001 San Clemente contes--7th out of 50 boys

September 1,2001...RAS Best of the West , Santa Monica, Calif-- boys. 4th out of 18

July 22, 2001...All Girl Skate Jam New York... amateur women-- 1st place

June 23, 2001...Finals of NEXT CUP Tour,Mission Valley CA-- boys...11th out of 21

June 10, 2001... Mervynís Beach Bash Hermosa Beach,CA... demo in the  bowl before the pro women

June 9, 2001...NEXT CUP Tour, Escondido, CAboys...10th out of 24

May 28, 2001...Best of the West Tour, San Diego, CA -- girls...1st place, boys...2nd place

May 27, 2001...Demo Tony Hawk Tour, YMCA Encinitas, CA 1 of 3 kids

May 26, 2001...NEXT CUP Tour Temecula, CA boys..16th out of 40

May 19, 2001... Northridge ,CA CASL contests-- boys..16th out of 26

May 12, 2001...NEXT CUP, YMCA Encinitas, CA-- boys...17th out of 30

May 11, 2001...Mobil Skate Tour Ontario, CA  --boys...13th out of 25

March 25, 2001...All Girl Skate Jam Clearwater Florida--amateur ... 3rd place

Sept., 2000... All Girl Skate Jam San Diego, CA

Lyn-Z is currently a team rider for:

Roxy / Quicksilver clothing company, Globe / Gallaz International shoe company, Velvet sunglasses, Withit Girl, Pro-Tec Helmets, K-Five Board Shop, and SkateWave.

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